Is Legit or Scam?

Sparktel ( is a new affiliate marketing company that. allows users make money daily by participating in simple tasks like daily logins, referrals, posting of ads, etc. Tasks are divided into two categories: Affiliate tasks and non-Affiliate tasks. The Affiliate tasks are not compulsory.
When you join the sparktel Affiliate marketing company, you get the following benefits:

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  • Registration fee (star package = N3000)
  • Welcome bonus = 2000
  • Daily bonus = 200
  • Spark post = 300
  • Affiliate bonus = #2000
  • 1st Indirect Affiliate = #200
  • 2nd Indirect Affiliate = #50

How To Register On

To register on Sparktel Affiliate marketing and start making money, you need to pay a registration fee of 3,000 naira. Upon signing up with N3,000, you will be entitled to free skills, soft loans, gifts, and more. You also get instant 2000 SPT (spark points). If these points accumulate, you can withdraw them to your bank, or use them to shop on sparktel marketplace, buy data, airtime, purchase e-books, and more.

Sparktel Registration Packages:

Sparktel offers two registration packages with different benefits:

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  1. Star Package (Registration fee: N3000)
    • Welcome Bonus: 2000 SPT
    • Daily Bonus: 200 SPT
    • Spark Post: 300 SPT
    • Affiliate Bonus: N2000
    • 1st Indirect Affiliate: N200
    • 2nd Indirect Affiliate: N50
  2. Super Package (Registration fee: N5000)
    • Welcome Bonus: N3500 SPT
    • Daily Reward: 300 SPT
    • Spark Post: 500 SPT
    • Affiliate Bonus: N3500
    • 1st Indirect Affiliate: N300
    • 2nd Indirect Affiliate: N100

How To Make Money On Sparktel

Whether you are a skilled marketer or just looking to earn extra income, Sparktel offers various ways to make money without the stress of referrals.

For Non-Affiliate Users: Even if you don’t refer anyone to join Sparktel, you can still enjoy a range of benefits and earn money through the following:

  1. Welcome Bonus: You receive a welcome bonus of 2000 SPT upon registration.
  2. Daily Bonus: Earn 200 SPT as a daily reward for your activity on the platform.
  3. Spark Post: By participating in Sparktel’s activities, you can earn 300 SPT through Spark posts.
  4. Monthly Bonus: Non-Affiliate users are guaranteed a total monthly bonus of 15000 SPT. Once you accumulate N15,000, you can withdraw this bonus on the 3rd of every month.

For Affiliate Users: If you are skilled at referring others and building a network, Sparktel offers attractive benefits for affiliate users:

  1. Direct Referral Bonus: You earn a generous N2,000 bonus every time someone signs up using your unique affiliate link.
  2. Indirect Referral Bonus: For 1st Indirect referrals, you receive N200, and for 2nd Indirect referrals, you earn N50.
  3. Withdrawal Flexibility: Affiliate bonuses can be withdrawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 4 pm to 7 pm. The minimum withdrawal amount is N5,000.

Make Money From Referrals:

Referring others to join Sparktel has its benefits. In addition to cash incentives, you can also receive instant loans, phones, iPhones, laptops, soundbars, and more as extra incentives for your efforts.

How To Withdraw

Non-Affiliate Users Withdrawal:

Non-affiliate users don’t need to worry about referral stress as they can still make money and enjoy the following guaranteed cashouts every month:

  • Star Package: N16,000 cashout
  • Super Package: N30,000 cashout

Affiliate Users Withdrawal:

For those who can refer and build a network, Sparktel offers cashouts for affiliate users as follows:

  • Star Package: N6,000 minimum withdrawal
  • Super Package: N9,000 minimum withdrawal

Is Sparktel Legit?

Yes, Sparktel is a legitimate and real affiliate marketing company


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