Is Legit or Scam?

Standard Airway ( is the latest investment platform in Nigeria thats reigning at the moment due to its various benefits it offers. Standard Airway offers juicy investment interest rates. When you invest in Standard Airway, you earn between 20% to 40% returns on investment daily. They also offer a wide variety of investment plans and you can choose anyone of your choice based on your financial capacity.

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Benefits Of Joining Standard Airway

  • Recently launched:  11th sept 2023
  • Minimum plan is ₦2,500
  • Minimum withdrawal is ₦1,000
  • Sign up bonus: ₦200

How To Make Money On Standard Airway

  • First of all, create an account with this registration link
  • Login to your account with your newly created account credentials
  • On the homepage, select the investment plan you are interested in and click on the Invest now button
  • On the next page, select your payment method (From wallet or Bank Transfer).
  • After making payment, your investment plan would automatically be activated and then you start getting daily returns.

Standard Airway Investment Plans offers a wide range of investment plans with costs ranging from ₦2,500 to ₦500,000, durations between 30 to 60 days, and daily returns varying from ₦500 to ₦190,000. Returns are automatically credited twice daily to your wallet.

Investment PlanCost (₦)DurationDaily Return (₦)Total Return (₦)
FLIGHT 1002,50030 Days50015,000
FLIGHT 1015,00030 Days1,05031,500
FLIGHT 10210,00030 Days2,50075,000
FLIGHT 10320,00030 Days5,400162,000
FLIGHT 10435,00030 Days9,800294,000
FLIGHT 10550,00045 Days15,000675,000
FLIGHT 10690,00045 Days27,0001,215,000
FLIGHT 107120,00060 Days38,4002,304,000
FLIGHT 108200,00060 Days68,0004,080,000
FLIGHT 109500,00060 Days190,00011,400,000 Referral Program

If you want to participate in referral program and earn through referrals, then its as simple as abc. All you need to do is to fetch your unique referral link from your dashbiard and share it with other people online. When someone joins through your referral link, and the person subscribe to an investment plan, you would automaticall earn 20% of the amount of the investment plan the person subscribed t. Below are the various referral levels, and how much you earn on each one.

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  • Level 1 === 20%
  • Level 2 === 5%
  • Level 3 === 2%
  • Level 4 === 1%
  • Level 5 === 1%

Is Standard Airway Legit is a ponzi scheme that launched today 11/9/2023. As of today, the platform is already paying users who have met the minimum withdrawal amount.

Update (12/9/2023)

Standard-airway has stopped paying withdrawals. So we can conclude that its a scam. The platform was paying till 1pm on 11/9/2023 in which every other persons withdrawal has been on pending since.

Register on Standard airway using this registration link and get free 200 naira welcome bonus.

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