Is Starmil legit or Scam (

Starmil ( is an online platform where you can make money through networking and performing simple tasks like affiliate marketing, mlm, etc. Starmil is basically more of an ecommerce platform where you can upload books, courses and digital products to sell. If you dont have books or courses to sell, you can make money by participating in its affiliate program.

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Starmil started operations in 2023 because they observed that people needed to learn digital skills and do affiliate marketing to stay ahead of others. A group of business-minded people came together to start Starmil. They knew a lot from their experiences in the affiliate marketing scene and wanted to share their knowledge with others.

On Starmil, you can learn different things and make money from home by networking and doing affiliate marketing which has helped many people, Starmil lets everyone earn money through its networking and affiliate system, promotion of courses, e-books, and things on the platform. When you promote these products, you get bonuses and make a living.

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How To Join Starmil

1. Purchase An Activation Code
The first step in starting your money making journey on starmil is to purchase an activation code which you would use to create an account. The activation code costs just 5,000 naira and you can purchase it from any of the approved vendors listed on the website.

2. Create An Account
After the successful purchase of the activation codes, visit the registration page to successfully register yourself

3. Login And Get Started
The next step is to login to your dashboard, engage, network, perform task, learn skills, upload and sell e-books, make use of our marketplace and lot more

Digital Products Available On Starmil

Below are the various courses available on starmil that you can promote and sell to earn commission

  1. Mini importation courses
  2. Website development courses
  3. Copywriting courses
  4. Ui/Ux designing courses
  5. Graphics designing courses
  6. Microsoft word and PowerPoint courses
  7. Basics of Data analysis
  8. Business ideas and start up courses
  9. Application creation and uploads on IOS and AppStore courses
  10. Facebook ads and YouTube monetization courses.

Starmil Earning Structure

  1. Registration Fee: $5 (one-time fee for every user)
  2. Sales Commission on Affiliates: $4.2
  3. First Level Spillover on Sales Commission: $0.3
  4. Second Level Spillover on Sales: $0.1
  5. Daily SM Earnings: $SM1 (used for acquiring skills, uploading e-books, or participating in the marketplace on Starmil)
  6. TikTok Video Content: $5
  7. Male and Female Face of the Week (Contest): $30 for the winner, $20 for the first runner-up
  8. Monthly Entrepreneur Start-up Capital: $100
  9. Incentives: Given at various levels
  10. E-books Sales and Uploads: Allowed for everyone
  11. Skills/Courses: Available for everyone

Ways To Make Money On Starmil

Make Money Via Multi Level Marketing

This system primarily focuses on building connections and promoting affiliations. Each participant is organized into a specific team and encouraged to promote their team through personalized affiliate links. As teams reach completion, the members receive direct rewards deposited into their respective bank accounts. This approach fosters a sense of collaboration and mutual support within the network, as individuals work together to achieve common goals.

Make Money Via Star Gamer X Setup

All users can take advantage of the easy and user friendly games to earn a living. From the comfort of your home, you make cool money by playing games on the platform and completing the various game levels.

To play games, you simply need to login to your dashboard, select the preferred game type that you would like to play, and then you can play them with and win some free cash and prizes

Make Money Via Upload & Sale Of Products

On starmil, Users can upload and also make sales from things uploaded on our website

1. Ebooks Upload: You can simply write and upload any ebook of your type from the comforts of your home on the website and get it promoted to various users and site visitors for your sales of ebook to be completed.

For every book uploaded, the author / Uploader gets 20% of the sales cost whenever the ebook is sold
Meanwhile, The promoters of the ebook gains 70% of the cost of the ebook whenever the ebook is sold

2. Marketplace Upload: With your SM earnings you can appropriately upload various items for sales on our website. Once you’ve gotten to the set amount, users can their businesses or anything they want to sell online ranging from clothes, bags, data and airtime, online businesses and so on

Various individuals can however patronize and in turn you can make profits from the comfort of your home

Make Money Via Skills & Courses Setup

On starmil, the number 1 priority is ensuring that the present day skills are passed down to various individuals that signs up for their brands. Users can easily access their skills courses from anywhere and anytime
To Qualify for any of our skills classes, you’ll need to hit the required number of Earnings for it , Once it’s attained, users can freely learn an advanced course and can get it learnt from experts in the system.

Is Starmil Legit?

Yes, Starmil is a legit platform where you can make money uploading and selling digital courses, but you need to know that before you can make money on starmil, you need to be good at marketing and selling, as you make money when you sell courses or digital products on the platform. The more products you sell, the more money you make.


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