Is Swagbucks Legit Or Scam

Swagbucks is a legitimate and popular survey and GPT (Get-Paid-To) site owned by Prodege. With over 20 million registered users and over $881 million paid out in cash and prizes, it is a reputable platform. Swagbucks offers various ways to earn money, including paid surveys, which provide opportunities for extra income while sharing your opinions. The platform has a good number of daily survey opportunities due to its large user base. However, it’s important to note that not all earning options may be available in all countries. While Swagbucks is a legitimate site that pays, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations and understand the specific opportunities available in your location.

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How To Make money On Swagbucks

Cash Back when Shopping:

Swagbucks partners with various companies, providing cashback rewards (1%-50%) for online shopping. The extensive list includes popular brands like Amazon and Walmart, offering a straightforward way to earn rewards while spending on regular purchases. Some countries also have in-store cashback options when linking a card to the Swagbucks account.

Watch Videos:

Swagbucks allows users to earn rewards by watching videos, but the earnings are not substantial. The feature is best utilized for entertainment and interests rather than solely for earning money.

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Searching the Web:

Swagbucks Search Engine and Chrome extension offer chances to win rewards (1-1000 SB) while conducting searches. The winners are randomly selected, and the search information is not used for data collection or selling personal information.

Swagbucks Paid Surveys:

Swagbucks offers numerous daily survey opportunities, making it a great way to earn money while sharing your opinions. The platform’s Answer” section contains surveys and a daily poll for quick earnings. Although not all surveys may be accessible to everyone, consistent participation can lead to qualifying for more. Additionally, “Swag Ups” bonuses can boost earnings.


Is Swagback Legit

Yes, Swagbucks is a legit platform. itĀ is a legitimate platform that has gained a strong reputation as one of the most popular and reliable survey and Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. With over 20 million registered users and a staggering $881 million in paid rewards, Swagbucks has proven its credibility and trustworthiness. Having personally used the platform for several years, I can vouch for its legitimacy, having received numerous payments myself.

Overall, Swagbucks is a reliable platform, paying its users as promised, and offering a genuine way to make money online through simple tasks.


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