Is Taichi Airdrop Legit or Scam ($TAC)

We would be discussing about a new crypto airdrop in this blog post. All crypto lovers around the world can participate in this airdrop to get this free crypto coin which they can keep for the future or exchange to real cash immediately.
A lot of people are interested to know if the recently launched Taichi airdrop is legit. This is why we are providing you with this guide to assist you in understanding everything about the taichi aidrop, if its real or scam and also how to claim the airdrops.

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TaiChi $TAC is a unique digital currency on the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to be the first decentralized reserve currency with the TAC token. Each TAC token includes various assets like BUSD and TAC-BNB LP tokens, providing it with inherent value. TaiChi introduces economic and game theory elements through pledges and bonds.

Requirements For Taichi Airdrop

  • Have a valid Ethereum wallet address.
  • Complete the following tasks on the Taichi Galxe page:
  • Join the Taichi Discord server.
  • Follow Taichi on Twitter.
  • Retweet the Taichi Quest tweet.
  • Visit blog posts.
  • Complete quizzes.
  • Once you have completed all of the tasks, you will be eligible to claim your airdrop tokens.

How To Claim Taichi ($TAC) Airdrop

Claiming your 150 Taichi $TAC Airdrop is simple! Follow these steps:

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  1. Visit Airdrop Site:
    • Go to the DappRadar website to start the airdrop process. Look for the Taichi $TAC Airdrop page.
  2. Connect Your Wallet:
    • Link your Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet to the airdrop platform. Make sure it’s an active wallet with some tokens. New or empty wallets may not qualify.
  3. Verify Participation:
    • Confirm your participation in the airdrop within your wallet interface. This step ensures you’re eligible for the rewards.
  4. Automatic Redirection:
    • After verification, you’ll be automatically redirected to a secret Taichi $TAC airdrop page.
  5. Confirm Receipt of Tokens:
    • On the Taichi $TAC airdrop page, confirm the receipt of tokens into your wallet. This step ensures you acknowledge the tokens sent to you.
  6. Automatic Credit of Tokens:
    • The tokens will be automatically credited to your wallet, completing the process. You’ll now have $150 worth of TAC tokens.

Remember, there are additional rewards:

  • You can also earn 100 $TAC tokens for every referral.
  • The minimum withdrawal is 750 $TAC tokens.

To maximize your benefits:

  • Stay engaged in the crypto community to boost your chances of more airdrops.
  • Keep informed about new projects and opportunities for free tokens.
  • Ensure legal compliance by following local laws and regulations when participating in airdrops.



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