Is Legit or Scam?

TAYABET ( is the latest game betting in town, joining the others like Ngawin, bbrfun, betgem and 1royal. These platforms allow users make money by betting on games and when they win, they get real cash. Also if you loose, you have lost your money. Tayabet is an avenue for you to make money if you are always lucky or you know how to play games. There are various game options on Tayabet ranging from virtual games, to action, adventures, casino and sports. You can select any game you want on the platform. Some of the most popular games people play on Tayabet include mines, limbo, plinko, dice, etc.

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How To Join

  • Start by registering an account with this registration link
  • Provide your details like full name, phone number, email address and password
  • Login to your account and start playing games

How To Play Games & Make Money

The major way to make money on Tayabet is by playing games. So to start playing games, follow the below steps

  • Login you the website.
  • To start playing games, you need to deposit money to your wallet first
  • Click on the profile icon at the top right corner
  • Select the Recharge Menu, a new dialog form would load
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit and ensure you select the box besides the text “Do Not Participate In Promotions
  • Click on the recharge button which would take you to a page with an account number for you to send the money to.
  • Make payment to the account number and click the i have made payment button.

Also Note the following

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Minimum deposit is ₦2000
1.Please enter your deposit information correctly when making a deposit.
2.The bank transfer payment amount must be consistent with the amount submitted in the order.
3.Recharge can only be done after placing a new order on the website. The obtained payment account number cannot be saved, repeated payment.

How To Make Money From Referrals

Follow the step by step process to make more money on through the referral program.

  1. Join If you haven’t already, sign up on and create your account. This is your first step into the world of unlimited earnings.
  2. Start Inviting: Invite your friends and acquaintances to Tayabet. These are your Level 1 (L1) invites. Encourage them to make their first recharge to unlock your rewards.
  3. Build Your Network: As your L1 friends begin inviting others, they become your Level 2 (L2) network. You continue to earn from their recharges.
  4. Watch Your Pyramid Grow: As your L2 friends invite more participants, they become your Level 3 (L3) network. Your earnings continue to increase with every successful recharge.
  5. Enjoy Limitless Earnings: With Tayabet’s innovative invitation bonus system, there’s virtually no cap on your earnings potential. Keep expanding your network, and the rewards will keep pouring in.

Is Legit is a legitimate gambling and gaming website where you make money by betting on games and when you win, you get credited and when you loose, you have lost your money. Its more like an online casino or virtual gaming website but you have to bet before playing games.
To win on Tayabet, you either need to have luck on your side or you need to select a game in which you are well skilled in. Register on Tayabet with this registration link and get free 1,250 naira when you make your first deposit.

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