Is Tcl86mini Legit or Scam?

TCL86MINI is a newly launched Investment platform in Nigeria that promises users the opportunity to participate in long term projects. You can invest your money inTcl86mini investment plans and get juicy high returns on your investment daily.

Join Our Investment Group

These are the benefits you enjoy when you join Tcl86mini

  • Welcome Bonus Of 270 Naira
  • 17% First level And 3% Second level referral commission
  • Build Your Team And Earn Higher
  • TCL86mini daily income

With TCL86MINI, you’ll embark on a journey towards financial growth and success. Their cutting-edge platform empowers you to invest wisely, whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out. They provide a diverse range of investment options, tailored to individual goals and risk appetite.

How To Join Tcl86Mini

To join Tcl86mini investment platform, you start by creating an account with this registration link. Fill in your personal details and click on the register button.

Make Money From Investment

To make money on Tcl86mini, you can either invest in one of their 8 investment packages or make money by referring others to join the platform and invest.

The minimum amount you can invest in Tcl is 1,000 naira to earn 255 naira daily. The maximum you can invest is 102,000 naira to earn 400,000 naira daily.

Tcl 86 Mini Investment Plans

TCL Model Daily Earnings Total Profit Price
TCL 1 NGN 255.00 NGN 8,925 NGN 1,000
TCL 2 NGN 510.00 NGN 17,850 NGN 2,200
TCL 3 NGN 1,270.00 NGN 44,450 NGN 5,000
TCL 4 NGN 2,570.00 NGN 89,950 NGN 10,000
TCL 5 NGN 5,100.00 NGN 178,500 NGN 20,000
TCL 6 NGN 12,800.00 NGN 448,000 NGN 50,000
TCL 7 NGN 26,000.00 NGN 910,000 NGN 100,000
TCL 8 NGN 102,000.00 NGN 3,570,000 NGN 400,000


Make Money From Referrals

You can refer and earn bonus. When you refer someone to join the TCl investment platfor, you earn a commission and also when the person invests, you also earn commission.

Is Tcl86Mini Legit?

Tcl86mini is a scam and a ponzi scheme. The promise of high returns and a referral program that rewards users for bringing in new investors are common characteristics of Ponzi schemes. In such schemes, returns for early investors are paid using the investments of new users rather than through legitimate profits.

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