Is Teck Mine Legit or Scam (

TECKMINE ( is a new blockchain investment company that allow users make money by mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripples, etc. The company claims it is trying to create a new blockchain approach for institutional and retail users alike with its pioneering zero-knowledge blockchain access method and enabled compliance. Teckmine claims its protocol’s unique architecture provides a comprehensive solution for regulated entities to function in the blockchain space while remaining neutral at the protocol level.

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TECKMINE is one of the best naira app that gives u 4% to 5% daily return on your investment within 45days.

Benefits Of Joining Teckmine

  • Minimum Investment ₦4000
  • Minimum Withdrawal ₦1000
  • Withdrawal Time: 10am – 6pm (Monday – Friday)
  • 10% Referral Bonus and 10% of your Downlines Daily Earnings
  • First of Each Month is tax *FREE* Withdrawal (0% Handling Fee)
  • Weekly Salary Available

How To Make Money On

To start making money on, create an account first with this registration link.

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There are 3 main ways of making money, and we would be explaining them below.

1. Make Money From Mining Cryptocurrencies

Teckmine offers various mining machines for lease. When you invest in any of Teckmine investment products, you are basically leasing a mining machine from teckmine. The machine would immediately be deployed and you get to earn daily returns as the machine mine new currencies.

You can either lease a miner from Teckmine or you purchase a miner entirely from Teckmine. When you buy a miner, you own it. This miner belongs to you. The Miners would be hosted by TECKMINE for one year. When your mining machine hosting time is up, you can choose to mail the mining machine to your location to provide you with installation tutorials and how to operate. Or you can recycle at 60% of the company’s price.

There are three options for your miner after hosting at TECKMINE for one year:

1. You can choose to take back the mining machine, then TECKMINE will send the mining machine to you by logistics, with installation and use tutorials. The generated cryptocurrency can be sold through cryptocurrency exchanges by itself, or sold to TECKMINE Company.

2. You can choose to hand over 60% of the original purchase price of your mining machine to TECKMINE Company for recycling.

3. You can choose to continue hosting and pay TECKMINE Company regularly for the maintenance and hosting of the mining machine.

Teckmine Mining Machine Plans

Mining PlanDaily Income (₦)Total Income (₦)Valid Period (days)Price (₦)Action
Micro machine-SC₦320₦800025₦4000Lease
Cloud Computing KD LITE₦380₦1710045₦9600Lease
Cloud Computing-A1026₦300₦36000120₦17500Lease
Bitcoin Miner S19k₦800₦4800060₦22000Lease
ETH Jasminer X4₦2100₦766500365₦256000Purchase
Bitcoin Miner S19j XP₦3150₦1149750365₦385000Purchase
On-rack Miner₦4600₦1679000365₦572000Purchase
BTC Miner-KDA₦3000₦1095000365₦328000Purchase


2. Make Money From Daily Checkin

You can also make money on Teckmine by performing simple tasks. When you check-in every day, you get bonus. All you need to do is login to your dashboard daily and click on the Checkin button, and you would receive your bonus immediately.

3. Make Money From Referrals

Invite more users to join Teckmine, and increase the computing power of the mining pool to get more rewards.

Referral rules:

  • User invites Level 1 users to get 10% revenue.
  • User invites Level 2 users to get 4% revenue.
  • User invites Level 3 users to get 2% revenue.

Additional computing power rewards can be also be obtained during the user invitation process.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme as simple as that. Its a platform similar to the popular ponzi scheme CSTMINE that was very popular in 2022 and crashed earlier this year. So Invest only what you can afford to loose. You can register an account with this registration link and get free 200 naira bonus

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