Is Legit or Scam

Teck ( is a new investment company that promise to help investors make money through investing in renewable energy sources. When you invest in, you earn daily returns on investment ranging from 25% daily to 40% daily.

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Wellcome Bonus is 500 naira
Minimum Withdraw is 1000 naira
Minimum Investment amount is 2000 naira
Daily Sign In Income is 500 naira

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Investment PlanInvestment AmountDaily DividendTotal DividendCycle
Cadmium Sticks 1₦ 200025% / ₦ 500750% / ₦ 1500030 days
Cadmium Sticks 2₦ 500026% / ₦ 1300780% / ₦ 3900030 days
Cadmium Sticks 3₦ 1000027% / ₦ 2700810% / ₦ 8100030 days
Cadmium Sticks 4₦ 2000028% / ₦ 5600840% / ₦ 16800030 days
Cadmium Billet 1₦ 5000030% / ₦ 15000900% / ₦ 45000030 days
Cadmium Billet 2₦ 10000032% / ₦ 32000960% / ₦ 96000030 days
Cadmium Billet 3₦ 20000035% / ₦ 700001050% / ₦ 210000030 days
Cadmium Billet 4₦ 50000040% / ₦ 2000001200% / ₦ 600000030 days Referral Program

You can invite friends to make money together. Enjoy up to 25% commission and ₦200 L1 first invite bonus.

  1. You can sign up now and receive ₦500 as a registration bonus.
  2. When you make your first recharge at Level 1, you will instantly receive ₦200.
  3. You can earn promotion income as you progress through levels. Levels 1 to 4 offer percentages of 25%, 3%, 2%, and 1%, respectively, while Levels 6 to 10 provide a 0.5% income.
  4. Your daily promotion income, ranging from 1st to 20th place, will come from the bonus pool. The minimum prize pool amount is ₦100,000. The top three positions (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3) receive 20%, 15%, and 10% of the pool, respectively. Positions 4 to 10 earn 5%, and positions 11 to 20 receive 2%. Customer Care

If you need to to contact customer care for any issue you might be facing with their platform, you can contact them through their Tlegram channel at

Is Legit? is a Ponzi scheme and a scam impersonating a canadian based mining company called Teck ( Teck is one of Canada’s leading mining companies, focused on providing products that are essential to building a better quality of life for people around the globe. copied the about us page from including the pictures and posted it on their website in a bid to decieve unsuspecting people into investing in its ponzi scheme. was launched on the second of august, 2023, and even though the platform is currently paying withdrawals, it might crsh at any time. So it is adisable you invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

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  1. Good evening sir, I did 2 transactions tonight for two different accounts with the same bank

    The first payment is for
    Reference number: 230906016152882536
    To this account:
    Khadija Maazu

    Sender account details
    Ezekiel Adesola Babarinde

    The second payment
    Reference number: 230906016344207585
    To this account:
    Khadija Maazu

  2. Please people should not put there money there. It’s scam.The will not be able to transfer your money into your account,it will be on processing

  3. Good afternoon, I’d withdrawal with this acct Amanda Felix Igoin, 2257031095, UBA , since yesterday morning and I have not seen any result.

  4. This is a scam please to put your money onto it again, like three days ago now I don’t receive any payment is on processing. If you don’t pay my money God will ruin you and your entire family.

  5. Scam just plenty for this country
    For the past 5 days I placed withdrawal 2times and all has been on processing
    Now the site is completely down

  6. Good morning I invested 100000 on this program only to be credit once with 32k even if you are not doing the program why don’t you refund my money people beware of scammers


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