Is Legit or Scam?

In this guide, we would be doing a review of a new ponzi scheme in town called The platform claims it is a reputable investment platform that allow Nigerians invest and earn huge daily returns on investment. The platform claims it has a wide varieties of investment plans with different price and duration. The cheapest investment plan costs just 2,000 naira and that makes you earn 500 naira for 10 days.  This means with just 2,000 naira, you get 5,000 naira in just 10 days. Other investment plans give daily returns for up to 30 days. The most expensive investment plan costs 500,000 naira and that gives you the opportunity to earn 110,000 naira daily for 30 days.

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register a new account with this registration link Investment Plans

PlanCostDaily IncomeTotal IncomeTotal Cycle Run
T1-PLANN2,000.00N500.005000 Naira10 Working
T2-PLANN5,000.00N1,100.0033000 Naira30 Working
T3-PLANN10,000.00N2,200.0066000 Naira30 Working
T4-PLANN30,000.00N6,600.00198000 Naira30 Working
T5-PLANN50,000.00N11,000.00330000 Naira30 Working
T6-PLANN100,000.00N22,000.00660000 Naira30 Working
T7-PLANN180,000.00N30,800.00924000 Naira30 Working
T8 PLANN300,000.00N66,000.001980000 Naira30 Working
T9 PLANN500,000.00N110,000.003300000 Naira30 Working


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Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme. So if you invest your money in this platform, you might not recover it. So the best thing to do is to avoid it. There are a lot of red flags that has such as anonymous founders, high daily returns, no payment proof evidence and no evidence of a real business operation.

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