Is Legit or Scam?

We would be reviewing a new nigerian platform that claims to help people make money from their comfort. Terabyte ( is an online networking site that was created for the purpose of providing and creating means of earning through their platform.

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Terabyte prioritizes customer satisfaction and happiness. They ¬†believe in going above and beyond to ensure their users’ contentment and satisfaction. They also display this by offering users with enticing referral bonuses and non-referral benefits.

Benefits of Joining Terabyte

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  • Swift Payment
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Full Income Pack
  • Customer Service

How To Make Money On Terabyte

You can make money from terabyte through their welcome bonus, performing simple tasks (example is daily login, facebook post, etc) and through the referral bonus. presents an enticing earning structure that promises to empower its users financially. With a minimal registration fee of just NGN 350, anyone can become a member of the platform. Upon signing up, users are gifted with a Welcome Bonus of NGN 100 as a token of appreciation for joining the community.

Once you become a member, simply logging in daily rewards you with NGN 30, encouraging regular engagement and participation. Additionally, sharing their content on Facebook and WhatsApp allows you to earn 50 naira per post.

Through their Referral Bonus program, users can earn a substantial NGN 200 for every successful referral. This incentive encourages users to invite friends, family, and acquaintances to join the platform

In Summary,

  • Registration fee: NGN 350
  • Welcome Bonus: NGN 100
  • Daily Login: NGN 30
  • Facebook post: NGN 50
  • WhatsApp post: NGN 50
  • Referral bonus: NGN 200

To pay for the registration, you need to purchase it as a coupon. Contact any of the persons below to purchase coupon.

01.Investor Val08144079632
02.Nedu King08165696531
03.Sanzo official08085694722
04.Crown Fresh08064120713
05.Desmond Media09136400419
08.Kizz Media08084594921


Is a Scam

Terabyte seems to be a ponzi scheme as the business model is entirely based on the ponzi scheme, which means they pay old users using funds from new users. That type of business model is not sustainable


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