Is Legit or Scam?

Is Legit is a topic we would be discussing in this blog post. is a newly launched investment platform that was officially released on September 24. The system works by recieveing investments from people and paying them daily interest of about 10-30% interest daily. The system offers a lot of benefits that allow users the opportunity to make money online. When you join and participate in the investment program, after your first investment is completed, the system will automatically give you #200.

Join Our Investment Group

This new platform which was launched today claims to be legit and also offers salary benefit just like phebella. The platform also offers referral commission of 20%.

Benefits Of Joining

  • Minimum investment 2700
  • Minimum withdrawal 1000
  • 20% referral commission
  • Invitation Url =

How To Join

TO join, create a new account with this registration link

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How To Make Money From

1. Make Money From Investments

The major way to make money on is through investments. The company offers 9 investment plans you can choose from. All investment plans pay hourly and you get between 10 – 25% daily returns on investments. The minimum investment plan costs 2,700 naira and it gives 270daily income for 27 days. which means if you invest 2,700 naira, you would be getting 270 naira for 27 days. Investment Plans

Product NameQuotaDurationTotal RevenueDay IncomeOriginal PriceBuy it now
Portable power supply0/327 Days+270.00%₦ 270.00( ₦ 2700.00 )Buy it now
Multipurpose power supply0/337 Days+389.22%₦ 810.00( ₦ 7700.00 )Buy it now
Car charging bag0/337 Days+411.11%₦ 3000.00( ₦ 27000.00 )Buy it now
Home car charging0/337 Days+435.43%₦ 6708.00( ₦ 57000.00 )Buy it now
Home car fast charging0/337 Days+462.54%₦ 21252.00( ₦ 170000.00 )Buy it now
Super charger V30/237 Days+493.32%₦ 49332.00( ₦ 370000.00 )Buy it now
Super charger V40/137 Days+544.10%₦ 113232.00( ₦ 770000.00 )Buy it now
2023 model 3 (10-day rental)0/310 Days+158.82%₦ 27000.00( ₦ 17000.00 )Buy it now
2023 model Y (7-day rental)0/37 Days+164.94%₦ 127000.00( ₦ 77000.00 )Buy it now

2. Make Money From Referrals. offers an exciting and profitable referral program where you share your unique referrl links with your family and friends and when they join and invest through your linkm you earn a commission. When you recommend downlines who make investments, you receive a commission of 20% of the investment amount.

For example: if your downline invest #10000, you automatically get #2000

3. Make Money as An Agent offers salary benefits to employees and agents, when you become the company’s agent, you will receive 10%-17% (weekly salary) of the total amount you made from the three-level team

Your salary is calculated based on your team’s investment amount. Below is the salary earning structure:

  • #0 – #499,999 =  10% as weekly salary
  • #500K-#999,999 = 15% as weekly salary
  • #1million and above = 17% as weekly salary

Is Legit is a long term ponzi scheme that launched today 24/9/2023. To make money on this platform, ensure you join early. It is those who join ponzi platforms early are those who win. So join now and start earning.

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