Is Real or Scam?


Twinkas is a new investment site in Nigeria that claims to allow users to invest in a variety of investment plans and earn daily income. The company claims to be a reputable platform that allows users to make money easily just by investing and then getting returns every day for 8 days. The platform allows users to invest as low as 4,000 naira to get 1,000 naira return daily. The maximum investment amount is 400,000 naira to earn 100,000 naira daily or 8 days.

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It is however not clear if this platform is legit or it operates a Ponzi scheme. This is why we are making this review post to highlight everything you need to know about this platform and then provide advice on whether to invest in the platform or not.

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Invitation url:
Launched Date:15th December, 2023
Domain Registration Date:14th December, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:14th December, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission25% daily (200% in 8 days)
Referral Commission23%, 2%, 1%
No. of Visits816
Last Visit:83 hours ago


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Plan 18000₦1000₦40008 days
Plan 216000₦2000₦80008 days
Plan 330000₦3750₦150008 days
Plan 460000₦7500₦300008 days
Plan 5100000₦12500₦500008 days
Plan 6200000₦25000₦1000008 days
Plan 7400000₦50000₦2000008 days
Plan 8800000₦100000₦4000008 days

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Nameservers Red Flags

  1. The platform operates a Ponzi scheme
  2. The platform has launched and crashed several times in the past
  3. The platform promises a 200% return on investment in just 8 days, an indication that its a scam or Ponzi scheme
  4. The company’s compensation plan heavily favours those at the top of the pyramid.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on our investigation, we discovered that Twinkas is a Ponzi scheme that has been operating since 2017, and it has crashed and relaunched several times. During all of this period, the platform obtains money from users under the guise of investment with a promise of a 200% return in 8 days. Within a few days of collecting money from users, the platform crashes vanishing with user’s money.

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