Is Legit or Scam? claims to be a gold mining and investment platform thats into the business of mining gold and other mineral resources from the earth. The platform claims it also provide opportunities for individuals and investors who are hoping to invest in the gold mining industry.

Join Our Investment Group Benefits

  • Minimum investment 3k Earning 900 daily income.
  • Welcome bonus 200
  • Daily Signin to receive ₦100 daily Investment Plans

Investment TypeServing TimeDaily Income (₦)Total Income (₦)Price (₦)
Gold Grain 999,9100 Days₦900₦90,000₦3,000
1 g Minted Gold bar100 Days₦1,550₦155,000₦5,000
1 oz Armillary coins100 Days₦3,200₦320,000₦10,000
100 g Minted Round bar100 Days₦9,900₦990,000₦30,000
100 x 1 g Gold CombiBar™100 Days₦17,500₦1,750,000₦50,000
Good Delivery Gold bar100 Days₦37,000₦3,700,000₦100,000
Rockville MD Data Center-Maryland100 Days₦200,000₦20,000,000₦500,000
Coins & Medals100 Days₦450,000₦45,000,000


Make Money From Team Rewards

You will receive 28% of your Level 1 recommender top-up amount as a bonus, 4% of the Level 2 recommender top-up amount as a bonus, and 1% of the Level 3 recommender top-up amount as a bonus.

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Withdraw is under processing

If your withdrawal status is showing “Processing”, it means that your withdrawal is being processed by the bank now. You will receive it in 24H.

Withdrawal is failed

Please check your bank account info again and make sure all the info are 100% correct. You should submit the correct bank info and then withdraw again.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme and a scam impersonating Valcambi ( which is a precious metals refining company located in Balerna, Switzerland, and a subsidiary of Rajesh Exports Limited. created a scam website with information about valcambi with intent to defraud unsuspecting investors. So we would advice that you dont invest in this ponzi scheme so as not to loose your hard earned money.

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