Is Legit or Scam?

New update has landed and its called This is a newly launched investment platform that claims Nigerians can make a lot of money through investments. The platform offers a wide varieties of investment plans you can choose from and earn daily returns. claims to be one of the biggest investment platforms in the world with headquaters and branches in various continents. In this review, we would be confirming if all these claims are true or the platform is a scam or a ponzi scheme.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • Welcome bonus is 300 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1000 naira
  • Minimum investment is 3000 naira

How To Join & Invest

  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • Deposit money into your account by logging in to your dashboard, click on the Buy coins button, follow the deposit instruction, then make transfer to the company account.
  • After depositing funds or buying coins, then you can now invest in any of the available investment plans
  • Earn daily returns and withdraw your earnings at anytime.

Investment Instructions

  •  You receive your first rebate only 24H after deposit, rather than the moment you purchase, you receive its first daily return at your balance.
  • You can keep multiple plans simultaneously, no matter the same or different ones.
  •  All investment plans are only activated by tickets. Investment Plans

Deposit AmountProduct NameTotal Return (%)Daily ReturnReturn Period (days)Total Return
3000Product Vla-135%₦60070₦1050
5000Product Vla-21750%₦125070₦87500
10000Product Vla-32100%₦300070₦210000
50000Product Vla-42800%₦2000070₦1400000
100000Product Vla-53500%₦5000070₦3500000
500000Product Vla-67000%₦50000070₦35000000
1000000Product Vla-714000%₦200000070₦140000000 Referral Program

When your Level 1 referrals make a payment, you will obtain 20% of his payment amount as referral commission immediately. And you obtain 0% of your Level 2’s payment amount, and 0% of your Level 3’s.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme, so only invest what you can afford to loose.

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