Is Legit or Scam?

volt claims to be an energy drink company that produces a wide range of drinks to bring out the best in you. The company claims it is behind the production of the below drinks: Volt ginseng, Volt maca, volt focus, volt green, volt coca, volt agave

Join Our Investment Group Benefits

  • Signup Bonus: NGN200
  • Minimum Deposit NGN1000
  • Minimum Withdrawal NGN500 | No Tax
  • Launched on 8th of November, 2023.

How To Join & Invest

  • Create an account with this registration link
  • Add money to your dashboard by clicking on the “Recharge” button on the website.
  • Select any of the investment plans you are interested in and invest in it
  • Earn daily returns from your investment.
  • When you have earned up to the minimum withdrawal amount, you can withdraw your money Investment Plans

Daily Income:₦120
Total Income:₦3,600
Serving Time:30 Days₦1,000

Daily Income:₦250
Total Income:₦7,500
Serving Time:30 Days₦2,000

Join Telegram Channel

Daily Income:₦720
Total Income:₦21,600
Serving Time:30 Days₦6,000

Daily Income:₦1,200
Total Income:₦36,000
Serving Time:30 Days₦10,000

Daily Income:₦2,500
Total Income:₦75,000
Serving Time:30 Days₦20,000

Daily Income:₦6,000
Total Income:₦180,000
Serving Time:30 Days₦50,000

Daily Income:₦18,000
Total Income:₦540,000
Serving Time:30 Days₦150,000

Daily Income:₦36,000
Total Income:₦1,080,000
Serving Time:30 Days₦300,000

Daily Income:₦60,000
Total Income:₦1,800,000
Serving Time:30 Days₦500,000

Daily Income:₦130,000
Total Income:₦3,900,000
Serving Time:30 Days₦1,000,000

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that collects money from new users to pay old users. This kind of platform would crash at any time, so its not advisable to invest in this platform.

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