Is Wavemine Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a good extra source of income, Then checkout wavemine which is a newly launched earn money platform that pays users for performing simple task like daily logins, daily posting, affliate commission, etc. When you join wavemine, you access to the following benefits.

Join Our Investment Group

  • Registration Fee – N2000
  • Welcome Cashback – N1000
  • Daily Login – N150
  • Daily Post – N250
  • Affiliate Commission – N1,200
  • Indirect Referral Bonus – N150
  • Minimum Affiliate Withdrawal – N2,400

A lot of Nigerians go broke every mont and they really need an extra source of income. This is why wavemine have developed their platorm to make it easier for Nigerians to make money. On Wavemine you can make a lot of money that will keep your balling and winning 24/7

How To Join Wavemine

To join wavemine, you need to pay the registration fee of 2,000 naira through coupon codes. You need to purchase the coupon code from any verified Wavemine coupon vendor which you can find here

Join Telegram Channel

After purchasing a coupon code, visit the wavemine registration page and fill in your details including the coupon code. Then click on the register button to complete the registration

Ways To Make Money On Wavemine


    That means after your registration, you get a token amount of N1000 immediately in your account
  2. DAILY LOGIN – N150
    Which means when you visit your account dashboard daily you get a whooping sum of N150
  3. DAILY POST – N250
    Which means apart from login in alone you also earn N250 when you perform your task on the website….)
    When you refer a user on WAVEMINE you get credit with a sum of N1,200
    When the person you refer bring someone under him/her you the general upline I’ll be credit N150.

Make Money Through Referrals

When you refer a new user to WAVEMINE, you will receive a credit of N1,200. This means that if you introduce someone to the WAVEMINE platform and they sign up as a result of your referral, you will be rewarded with N1,200 as a commission for bringing in that new user.

An indirect referral bonus is an additional reward you can earn on Wavemine. When the person you directly referred to WAVEMINE brings someone else to join the platform (a new user), you, as the general upline (the person who originally referred them), will be credited with N150. In other words, you receive a bonus commission of N150 for each new user that your direct referrals bring to WAVEMINE.

How To Withdraw

The minimum affiliate withdrawal is 2,400 naira, you are eligible to withdraw your affiliate earnings once you reach minimum amount of N2,400. The withdrawal portal opens every Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Is Wavemine Legit?

Wavemine is a ponzi scheme. Just like every other ponzi scheme, it would crash very soon. So be careful when you join. Also the major way to earn money is through referrals. If you are sure you can refer a lot of people to the platform, then you are guaranteed to make money, else you wont make any significant earning.


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