Is Legit or Scam?


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Launched Date:10th January, 2025
Domain Registration Date:9th January, 2024
Domain Expiry Date:9th January, 2025
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission5%
Referral Commission20%
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Join Our Investment Group Features & Benefits Investment Plans

PlanPriceCycleDaily IncomeTotal Revenue
W4000# 400040#240#9600
W60000# 6000060#4800#288000
W98000# 9800070#8820#617400
W198000# 19800080 days# 19800# 1584000

How To Make Money On

  1. Earn money by purchasing Wish Farm products ( different products have different prices and incomes are also different – Purchase limit for W4000 is time, and purchase limit for other products is 3 times)
  2. Earn rewards by referring members to purchase Wish Farm products (you are A, the member you recommended is B, the member recommended by B is C, the member recommended by C is D, you can get 20% of B’s investment amount, and C’s investment 5% of D investment, 1% of D investment)
    (BC D) Repeat investment, you can get rewar repeatedly
  3. Become a strategic partner of Wish Farm and receive a monthly salary from the company.
    Monthly salary standard: #100000-1000000*3 If you have office space locally, you can apply for strategic partnership

Details About

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How To Make Money From Referrals

Make money by inviting friends. You can easily make money at home: you can send exclusive invitation links to your friends and invite them to join wish farm, and you can get generous rewards.
You are A, the person you invited is B, the person B invited is C, the person C invited is D You can get rewards from B C D investments.

B-level subordinates: 20%
C-level subordinates: 5%
D-level subordinates: 1%
The more your subordinates invest, the more rewards you can get. Every time your subordinates invest, you can get rewards.

How Referral Earnings Work

  • Each new member has his own exclusive invitation link, please be sure to use your exclusive invitation link to invite new members
  • New members will receive generous rewards after registering, recharging, and purchasing products through your exclusive link
  • The new member you invite is your B-level member, the new member invited by B is your C-level member, and the new member invited by C is your D-level member
  • Lower-level members can get rewards for purci products, (Level B 10%) (Level C 5% ) (Level D 1%)
    The system will automatically send rewards to your Wish Farm account
  • You can invite family, friends, and colleagues to make money in Wish Farm with you. You can also invite strangers on the Internet to make money with you in Wish Farm. Red Flags

  1. The company does not provide real product or service
  2. The company basically operates a ponzi scheme which means it can crash at any time
  3. The company promises unusually high returns on investments which is a major red flag of a scam.
  4. The company does not have any physical office.
  5. The owners and management team of this site are unknown

Is Legit or Scam?

From our observations and research, is a ponzi scheme. Even though its daily return are not really high, it would still crash one day.

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