Is Zenithstake Legit or Scam?

Zenithstake is an online digital marketplace that links customers with providers of digital products through their highly skilled and effective affiliates. With the goal of assisting young people in acquiring various digital skills and thriving independently to earn a living at the comfort of their homes or wherever they are anywhere in the world.

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Zenithstake understands that as a course creator or vendor, there’s the need to increase your capacity and reach out to more audiences thereby increasing sales and overall profit. That is why they have built a platform that makes it easy for you to connect with our network of top-performing affiliates who preach the gospel of your products to a large number of hungry audience who are ready to buy, therefore making money for themselves as well as increase sales for your product. So, you can see it’s a win-win relationship.

So basically Digital product vendors go to Zenithstake to upload their digital products like ebooks, PDF courses, videos, etc. The vendors make money when their products are sold on the website. Also, Zenith stake provides an opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn money by promoting vendors’ products. When an affiliate marketer successfully sells a product, he earns a commission. The more product an affliate marketer sells, the more money he makes.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • You can Sign up as an Affiliates and promote High-quality digital products and earn commissions of up to 50%
  • You can earn up to 50% commission or more for each sale you made when you sign up as an affiliate and begin promoting any of our life-changing high in demand products.
  • You can also become a Vendor on the platform.

How To Make Money On

First, Making money as an affiliate on Zenithstake is straightforward and simple.

Getting started is easy, all you have to do signup and then get the SALES MACHINE ACCELERATOR COURSE (SMAC)

The Sales Machine Accelerator Course grants you access to a One Year Free Zenithstake affiliate account and also helps you drive tons of sales and commission (that’s more money into your bank account).

This course will make selling easier for you by enabling you to promote a product shamelessly, effortlessly, and with great commission.

Use the affiliate link that will be provided to you to start selling any product of your choice.

Once a purchase is made through your affiliate link, you’ll be getting as high as 50% Commission added to your wallet (depending on the product purchased). Your payouts will be automated to arrive in your bank account every Sunday. Pros

  • Instant account activation/access to course after payment
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Weekly commission payout every Sunday
  • Responsive and dedicated support system
  • 24/7 support system
  • High-quality digital product

Is Legit?

based on our research on Zenithstake, we discovered that the platform basically operates a multi level marketing (MLM) model. Before you can join the platform as an affiliate, you need pay 10,000 naira to purchase the SALES MACHINE ACCELERATOR COURSE (SMAC).
After purchasing the course, you get to complete your registration as an affiliate. So You need to refer other people using your referral link. When someone joins the platform through your referral link and they purchase the SMAC course, you automatically get a commission from the 10,000 naira they used in purchasing the SMAC course. You can only make money on this platform if you can refer a lot of people to register on the platform through you.

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