Is Zksync Airdrop Legit or Scam? ($ZKS)

zkSync is a protocol used to make Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper. It uses a method called ZK rollup, which helps save time and money by checking transactions in a special way without doing everything on the main Ethereum network.

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In zkSync, the actual work of transactions happens outside of the main Ethereum network, and most of the data is stored away from it. But all transactions are still checked on the main Ethereum network, so it stays secure, just like regular Ethereum transactions.

Big investors, like Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly Capital, have put a lot of money, around $458 million, into zkSync. There’s talk that they might create their own token in the future. If you use zkSync regularly, you might have a chance to get some of this new token for free when it comes out. It’s like a reward for using zkSync.

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zkSync is also a way to make Ethereum transactions faster and cost less. Many apps (dapps) use zkSync, but they haven’t made their own token yet. So, if you use zkSync a lot, you might get a reward not just from zkSync but also from other projects using it. It’s a way to double up on your rewards.


How To Claim Zksync Airdrop

Follow the below steps to claim Zksync airdrop

  1. Add zkSync Era Alpha Mainnet on MetaMask:
    • Open MetaMask and click on the network button.
    • Choose “Add network manually” and input the following information:
    • Click “Save.”
  2. Bridge Funds to zkSync Era Mainnet and zkSync Lite:
    • Visit to bridge funds from Ethereum Mainnet to zkSync Era Mainnet.
    • Connect your wallet and deposit the desired amount.
    • Swap back to Ethereum Mainnet if needed by clicking the arrows and selecting “Withdraw.”
    • Bridge funds to zkSync Lite at by connecting your wallet.
  3. Interact with zkSync Lite and zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha:
    • Connect your L1 ETH wallet on zkSync Lite.
    • Move your balances between L1 on zkSync Lite by depositing or withdrawing ETH or USDT.
  4. Interact with the zkSync ecosystem:
    • Engage with various zkSync ecosystem projects, such as Orbiter Finance, ZigZag Exchange, Bungee, Argent, Onchain Trade, SyncSwap, SpaceFi, Tevaera, Velocore, iZUMi Finance,, ZkSync Name Service, GameSwift, and others.
  5. Donate on Gitcoin:
    • Visit the Gitcoin grants page and make a donation via the zkSync network for lower transaction fees.
  6. Complete quests on Crew3:
    • Go to zkSync’s Crew3 Questboard and complete tasks, including following on social media, reading articles, and taking quizzes.
  7. Join the zkSync Guild:
  8. Bonus: Complete zkSync Era tasks on RabbitHole:
    • Complete quests on RabbitHole related to SyncSwap, EraLend, and Maverick to earn NFT rewards and build your onchain history in the zkSync ecosystem.

Is Zksync Airdrop Legit?

Yes zksync airdrop is legit and you can participate in it. Also note that participating in an airdrop doesnt mean you would end up being among the winners. Airdrop winners are chosen at random, and those who perform the airdrop requirements and tasks stand a high chance of being among the winners.

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