Justrite Supermarket Price List (September, 2023)

Below is the list of all Justrite products and their price list. if you are searching for justrite cake price list or the new bread price, then they are now available to you. Justrite is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Nigeria. They sell quality products at affordable prices, which is why a lot of Nigerians love patronizing their stores. They have a lot of superstores in most states in Nigeria.

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Costa Mackrel In Tomato Sauce 155G

Geisha Mackerel In Tomato Sauce 155G

Estus Mackerel In Tomato Sauce 155G

Estus Flake Tuna Fish In Veg Oil 170G

Nescafe 3In1 Breakfast Drink 10X25G

Nestle Milo Active-Go Roll 20G X 10

Indomie Noodles Relish Chicken 200G

Indomie Noodles Relish Seafood F/Chunk 200G

Crown Premium Spaghetti Slim 500G

Indomie Noodles Chicken Flavour Belle Full 305G

Indomie Noodles Chicken Flavour Super Pack 120G

Indomie Noodles Onion Chicken Super Pack 120G

Indomie Noodles Crayfish Flavour 120G

Indomie Noodles Chicken Pepper Soup 100G

Sedaap Supreme Noodles Chicken 100G

Indomie Noodles Onion Chicken Flavour 70G

Indomie Noodles Chicken Flavour 70G

Sedaap Supreme Noodles Chicken 70G

Knorr Chicken Seasonionng Cubes 8Gx55Cubes

Knorr Beef Seasonionng Cubes 25X8G

Nestle Maggi S/Pwd Signat Chicken 10Gx10

Benny Seasonionng Powder Chicken Flav 17G

Gino Tomato Paste Sachet Mix 70gms

Gino Tomato Paste Sachet Pepper & Onion 70gms

Sonia Tomato Pepper & Onion Paste Mix 70G

Justrite Cake Price List


Place Order Online

You can place order to any closest justrite stores around you by placing a call to their customer care phone numbers below.

These are all official justrite branches and their customer care whatsapp number.

Branch Phone Number
Ota 08073375431
Ayobo 08073892872
Abule Egba 080733375443
Ikorodu 08072293875
Alakuko 09090508627
Bariga 09094814223
Dopemu 08172318215
Iju 09085633247
Isolo 08184046923
Iyana Ipaja 08058650433
Ojodu 08171422406
Gowon Estate 08172318217
Ibara, Abeokuta 09085633247
Osun State 09093990489
Obantoko, Abeokuta 09085633249

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