List Of Fake Professors In Nigerian Universities

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has disclosed that there could be over 100 fake professors in Nigerian universities. The NUC has directed vice chancellors to compile a comprehensive list of full professors, department, year of professorship and area of specialization for verification following reports about the prevalence of fake professors in the nation’s tertiary institutions. The directive came after reports that the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation had asked the NUC to check fake professors in Nigerian universities. There have been cases of academic fraud in universities in the country, including the use of fake doctoral and master’s degrees, certificate forgery, and false declaration of degrees from foreign universities.

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The Executive Secretary of NUC stated that the commission has initiated massive reforms in the last three years, including curriculum re-engineering, introduction of new programmes, unbundling of some programmes, research and innovation, among others, aimed at overhauling the Nigerian university system to bring it up to 21st century-compliant.

I looked at the original story about the 100 fake Professors identified in Nigerian Universities. It’s from a November 2019

Apparently the NUC, in trying to compile a “Directory” of Professors in the Ngerian University System, opened a portal for University Professors to fill by themselves, submitting their resumes (problematic method of compilation, if you ask me). Turns out about 100 non-Professors—hereinafter known as “Fake Professors”—also submitted their details.

This was discovered when NUC sent the ‘Directory’ to the Unis for verification. The Unis identified these ‘fake’ Profs and notified NUC.   


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  1. I can’t see any from NOUN. UNILAG, UI, and those universities that said NOUN is a part time school are now paraded by fake professors who are busy making education inaccessible while going on strike and producing half baked graduates year in year out. What an irony?


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