Mousuf Perfume Price In Nigeria (April, 2024)

Mousuf Perfume in Nigeria is a popular fragrance brand that has gained a significant following in the country. This perfume brand offers a wide range of scents that cater to different preferences and occasions.

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Mousuf Perfume is known for its high-quality fragrances that are long-lasting and affordable. Many Nigerians appreciate the brand’s commitment to providing luxurious scents without breaking the bank.

One of the standout features of Mousuf Perfume is its diverse range of fragrances. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, woody, or oriental scents, you can find a Mousuf Perfume that suits your taste. This variety has made it a favorite choice for both men and women in Nigeria.

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Another reason for Mousuf Perfume’s popularity is its accessibility. You can find their products in various stores across Nigeria, making it easy for customers to purchase their favorite scents.

In addition to their affordable prices and diverse range of fragrances, Mousuf Perfume also offers excellent customer service, ensuring that customers have a pleasant shopping experience.

Mousuf Price List

  1. MOUSUF Perfume – EDP 100ml – ₦ 10,500
  2. MOUSUF Ard Alzaafran Mousuf 100ml + Choco Musk 50ml – ₦ 13,780
  3. MOUSUF Wardi Eau De Parfum 100ml – ₦ 10,250
  4. MOUSUF Perfume – EDP 50ml: Radiant Elegance – ₦ 3,200
  5. MOUSUF Perfume – EDP 50ml – ₦ 5,000
  6. MOUSUF Wardi Eau De Parfum – ₦ 10,000
  8. MOUSUF Musk Perfume 100ml – ₦ 13,300
  9. MOUSUF BLUE PERFUME 100ML – ₦ 15,000

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