Nigeria Inec Voters Card Verification Online

You can check your inec voter status below. This is the official Inec Voter Id Status Checker for you to verify the status of your voters card to see if you are eligible to vote in the upcoming 2023 election. A lot of Nigerians want to know if they are eligible to vote in the next election, that is why we have developed this Nigeria voters card verification system. All you need is just your Voter’s Identification Number (VIN) or your name and date of birth to verify your registration and also confirm your pooling unit.
If you are having issues checking your status, you can contact inec through their official phone number below.
– 0700-CALL-INEC

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– 0700-2255-4632

Using this official Inec voter status verification system and E-Voter Status Platform, you can be rest assured that your pvc is valid and your vote would count.

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The upcoming election next year would be a redefining moment for Nigeria as the citizens needs to elect a president that would run the affairs of the failing nation for the next 4 years. The major contestants and candidates are Bola ahmed Tinubu of Apc party, Atiku Abubakar of the pdp and Peter Obi of the labour party. Majority of the youths are clamouring for Peter Obi as he is the youngest of all the candidates and he is also vibrant when he comes to making economic decisions.

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