Nri Products Price List (2024)

In this Nri products price list guide, we would be discussing about the Nri company, its list of products with their benefits and the prices. So lets get started.

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What is Nri

NRI (Nature Renaissance International) is a popular mlm company that sells health products and supplements that treats a wide range of illnesses. It is a global company with officies and branches in a lot of countries all over the world. Nri the mission is to provide solutions to health challenges and bring wealth and wellness to individuals.

Nri product List & Prices (Consumers)

Nri currently has 5 health and wellness products and here are they with their prices.

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  • Nri D3 Organic Supplement – N6,500
  • Nri Cuminus Oil – N4,500
  • Nri Nurisher – N8,000
  • Nri De-diafix – N7,500
  • Nri Nature Gift N9,000

Nri Tea Price List

  • Majik Tea – #6,500
  • Slimming Tea –  #6,500
  • Tonic Tea – #6,500
  • Nature’s Gift Tea –  #9,000
  • Nurisher Tea –  #7,500
  • De – diafix Tea – #,8000

Nri Distributors Price List

Distributor Price: N4,500
Retail Price: N6,500

Distributor Price: N2,000
Retail Price: N4,500

Distributor Price: N4,500
Retail Price: N8,000

Distributor Price: N6,000
Retail Price: N9,000

Distributor Price: N5,000
Retail Price: N7,500


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