Price List Of All Tokunbo Cars In Nigeria (April, 2024)

Tokunbo cars in Nigeria refer to used cars imported from various countries, with the United States, Europe, America, and Cotonou being major sources. These vehicles are resold in Nigeria as second-hand cars, often undergoing refurbishment such as repackaging, repainting, and repairs to make them appealing to Nigerian buyers.

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Historically, the preference for Tokunbo cars in Nigeria grew after the civil war due to economic challenges. The fluctuating Naira-to-dollar exchange rate and reduced purchasing power led Nigerians to opt for more affordable Tokunbo cars instead of brand-new ones.

Tokunbo cars are popularly used in Nigeria due to their affordability, accessibility, availability of older models, etc.

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However, there are downsides to Tokunbo cars, such as limited availability of newer models, negative economic impacts due to importing used cars, potential hidden issues, hindered growth of domestic automobile manufacturing, and varying road conditions in Nigeria.

Here is the price list of all Tokunbo cars in Nigeria.

Car ModelPrice
Toyota Camry Tiny Light₦2,400,000
Toyota Corolla₦4,800,000
Toyota 4Runner₦6,800,000
Toyota Avalon₦5,600,000
Toyota Highlander₦7,200,000
Toyota Matrix₦5,200,000
Toyota Rav4₦6,240,000
Toyota Sequoia₦7,200,000
Toyota Tacoma₦9,600,000
Toyota Tundra₦14,400,000
Toyota Yaris₦5,200,000
Honda Baby Boy₦3,600,000
Honda Accord EOD₦4,800,000
Honda City₦4,400,000
Honda Crosstour₦20,800,000
Honda CR-V₦6,400,000
Honda Odyssey₦5,200,000
Honda Pilot₦7,600,000
Lexus RX300₦11,200,000
Lexus RX330₦13,600,000
Lexus RX350₦19,200,000
Land Rover Discovery₦25,600,000
Land Rover Freelander₦28,800,000
Land Range Rover Sport₦32,000,000
Acura MDX₦14,400,000
Audi A4₦4,000,000
Audi A6₦5,600,000
BMW 3-Series₦10,400,000
BMW 5-Series₦12,800,000
BMW X5₦14,400,000
BMW X6₦18,400,000
Infiniti FX35₦15,200,000
Infiniti FX45₦8,000,000
Infiniti QX4₦88,000,000
Mazda 626₦4,800,000
Mazda MPV₦5,120,000
Mercedes-Benz C-Class₦10,400,000
Mercedes-Benz E-Class₦14,400,000
Mercedes-Benz GLK₦24,000,000
Mercedes-Benz ML320₦8,000,000
Mercedes-Benz ML350₦10,400,000
Nissan Altima₦8,000,000
Nissan Armada₦8,000,000
Nissan Maxima₦8,000,000

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