Rolex Watch Prices In Nigeria (June, 2024)

A Rolex watch in Nigeria is a luxury timepiece that is highly regarded and sought after. Rolex is a famous Swiss watchmaker known for its exquisite craftsmanship and precision. These watches are a symbol of status and prestige in Nigeria, often associated with success and wealth.

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Rolex watches are available in various models, each with its unique features and designs. Some popular models include the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Datejust, and Rolex Daytona. These watches are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, gold, and platinum, making them durable and long-lasting.

In Nigeria, owning a Rolex watch is a statement of one’s social and financial standing. It’s not just a timekeeping device; it’s a fashion accessory and a symbol of taste and sophistication. Many affluent Nigerians choose Rolex as their preferred watch brand, and it’s often seen on the wrists of celebrities, business tycoons, and politicians.

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However, Rolex watches can be quite expensive, and purchasing one requires a significant investment. To ensure authenticity and quality, buyers should be cautious of counterfeit Rolex watches that may be circulating in the market. Overall, a Rolex watch in Nigeria is more than just a watch; it’s a status symbol that reflects success and luxury.

Where To Buy a Rolex Watch In Nigeria

Unfortunately you cant get an original rolex watch in Nigeria. You need to order it from the official rolex company and have it shipped to you in Nigeria. All rolex watches sold in Nigeria are fake and replicas.

Also if you dont want to go through the process of ordering and shipping the watch yourself, another alternative you can explore is by contacting popular luxury watch sellers in Nigeria and then you order the rolex from them. They help you handle the ordering from the company and the shipping to Nigerian.

Price Of Rolex Watch In Nigeria

Product NamePrice (Nigerian Naira)
Rolex – Submariner Date Green Dial Men’s Watch 116610LV-0002₦26,888,055.00
Rolex – Submariner 126610LV By Rolex₦14,277,178.50
Longines – Master Collection Chronograph Men’s Watch L2.716…₦5,226,129.00
Rolex – Datejust 36 Jubilee Bracelet Steel & Gold Watch 116…₦7,570,312.95
Rolex – Cosmograph Daytona Men’s Black Dial Watch 116500LN-…₦24,615,825.00
Rolex – Submariner Date Two Tone Blue Dial Men’s Watch 11661…₦12,114,772.95
Rolex – Datejust 36mm Gold & Steel Champagne Dial Watch 126…₦9,842,542.95
Cartier – Santos Large Stainless Steel Green Dial Men’s Watc…₦6,191,826.75
Rolex – Submariner Date Men’s Watch 116613LB-0005₦15,072,459.00
Rolex – Submariner Date Men’s Watch 116613LN-0001₦12,493,477.95

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