[Sample] Eru Iyawo Yoruba Bride Price List

We would be providing you with sample picture and pdf of sample yoruba bride price list also known as dowry list or Eru Iyawo. This is used during the yoruba traditional engagement. In the Yoruba culture, the sacred institution of marriage is accompanied by a beautiful tradition known as Eru Iyawo also known as bride price list in English. It is a customary practice in which the groom and his family present various items and gifts to the bride’s family as a symbol of appreciation and respect.

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The Yoruba traditional bride price list goes beyond material possessions; it represents the essence of unity and solidarity between families. Each item on the list holds symbolic meaning, representing the groom’s ability to provide for his bride and his commitment to their future family. It is a gesture that strengthens the bond between the families and reaffirms their support for the couple’s union.

The bride price list in yoruba land comprises a diverse array of items, ranging from clothing, accessories, and household items to cash and livestock. Traditional clothing materials like aso oke, gele, and iro, along with jewelry such as earrings and necklaces, are commonly included. Additionally, items like cooking utensils, wrappers, and kolanuts often find a place on the list. The groom’s family also presents cash and sometimes livestock, such as goats or chickens, symbolizing prosperity and sustenance.

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As Yoruba culture evolves, so does the bride price list. In contemporary times, some families have modified the list to accommodate the changing social and economic dynamics. While the essence of the tradition remains intact, families now emphasize the importance of consent, love, and mutual understanding between the couple. The focus has shifted from material possessions to emotional support and the establishment of a strong foundation for the couple’s future.

Below are samples and example of Yoruba bride price list. You can save the images if you like.


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