Sperm Donation Price In Nigeria (2024)

Sperm donation in Nigeria is a medical practice that involves the voluntary contribution of sperm by a healthy male donor to assist individuals or couples who are struggling with infertility issues. This act of generosity is a crucial aspect of assisted reproduction techniques and has become more widely recognized and accepted in Nigeria in recent years.

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Infertility is a significant concern for many couples in Nigeria, and sperm donation offers a ray of hope for those who cannot conceive naturally. Sperm donors typically undergo thorough medical and genetic screening to ensure their suitability and to minimize potential risks to recipients and future offspring.

One of the key reasons people turn to sperm donation in Nigeria is to address male infertility factors such as low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or genetic disorders. Additionally, single women and same-sex couples also seek sperm donation to fulfill their desire for parenthood.

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Sperm donation is carried out in licensed fertility clinics and is strictly regulated to maintain ethical and medical standards. Donors remain anonymous in most cases, ensuring privacy for both donors and recipients. This anonymity helps protect the interests of all parties involved.

Sperm Donation Price (2024)

Sperm Donation pays Between 150,000 naira to 200,000 naira.

Sperm donation in Nigeria doesn’t seem to pay much compared to the stress, according to a lot of people who have donated in Nigeria. Even though they were paid more than N150,000 for each donation, they found the whole process to be stressful and not very profitable. They had to go through a lot of medical tests, which cost them more than the amount they were paid. Plus they were scrutinised heavily. Every physical feature about them was scrutinised like their height, weight, health, etc. Also you would be asked to provide a childhood photo, write an essay, or do a taped interview, to be shared with potential buyers,.

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