Verify Motor Insurance Certificate – Askniid Check Policy

You can now carry out vehicle insurance verification in Nigeria. Using the askniid org check policy platform, you can check any vehicle insurance status online. The data are sourced from the updated Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID) Verification Platform ( This is the central database of all insurance companies in Nigeria.

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You can use this free Nigerian website as a platform to verify fake insurance certificates by insurance companies. Everybody can use this platform for free including individuals, companies and law enforcement agencies. This is a very useful tool to verify car insurance policy number and also check the authenticity of insurance policy.

You can now check vehicle insurance status online to know if its authentic or fake. Its very simple, just select the single option below and enter your plate number or registration number. Then click on the search button. This would show you details about your registration including your Vin / chasis number, date of registration and expiry status.

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