Verify Plate Number Online in Lagos State

This is to remind all vehicle owners in Lagos State of the importance of verifying the validity of your plate number. It is a legal requirement for all vehicles to have a registered license plate number and driving with an invalid or fake plate number can result in serious consequences.

You can now verify any lagos state plate number online. Simply enter the plate number into the designated field below, and the system will verify whether or not it is registered and valid.

Vehicle make
Vehicle Color

Alternatively, you can visit any of the FRSC offices in Lagos State and request to have your vehicle inspected and verified. During the verification process, the officers will check your plate number to ensure it is valid and registered with the relevant authorities.

We urge all vehicle owners in Lagos State to take the necessary steps to verify their plate numbers and ensure compliance with the law. Remember, driving with an invalid or fake plate number is a serious offense and can result in severe consequences. Let us work together to promote road safety and ensure the safety of all road users in Lagos State.

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