Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be reviewing a new Task to Earn website that promises users the opportunity of making money by completing simple tasks like surveys, watching ads, etc. is a newly launched website where you can make extra income by completing tasks assigned to you.

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In this guide, we would do a thorough review of the platform to determine if its legit or a scam. This review would help you make decisions whether to use the platform or not.

Wearefabric is a unique platform that helps people take control of their data and get paid for it. It connects consumers directly with advertisers, cutting out big companies like Facebook and Google. Users can earn money by sharing their data with brands and interacting with relevant ads. The platform is legitimate and completed a successful test phase. Wearefabric aims to solve the problems of the current advertising model by giving users control over their data and rewarding them for sharing it with brands. It offers a fair and personalized way to make money online. Join Wearefabric to be part of this digital revolution and start earning Social Cash today!

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How To Make Money On is an innovative online platform designed to help users earn money effortlessly through ad viewing and task completion. By simply creating an account, users can begin their money-making journey by watching ads, participating in surveys, and referring friends. When it’s time to cash out, they have the flexibility to choose from various payment methods, including PayPal and bank transfers. Start your earnings adventure with today!

Is Scam?

The Wearefabric website is legit. It is a US based company that has been operating for more than 5 years. Going by reviews by the website users, the reviews have been positive so far with users confirming that they got paid for viewing ads.


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