12 Baskets Small Chops Price List (June, 2024)

12 baskets is one of the top small chops food companies in Nigeria, and in this post, we would be sharing theit updated small chops menu and price list for people who need them.

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12Baskets Foods Limited is a Finger Food (Small Chops) Company of over 18 years with branches in Lagos and Abuja. It was founded in 2003 by the Chairman, Mr. Afolaranmi Micheal who strives to drive expansion, increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and hence profitability with an undying promise to keep serving sweetness. We are a brand committed to bringing different taste and uniqueness to everyday art of feeding.

12Baskets cares about understanding the needs and desires of our Customer’s Tastes and being able to satisfy them. This process is all about listening to the customer, getting to know the Customer’s needs and genuinely seeking to be there for the ccustomer in every possible manner.

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12 Baskets Small Chops Price List


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