Berger Paints Price List in Nigeria (June, 2024) [Updated]

Berger Paints Nigeria is a popular paint manufacturing company that sells paint and related products in Nigeria. The company offer a variety of paint options for homes, offices, and industrial use. Berger Paints Nigeria is known for its quality and wide range of colors. They provide paint solutions for interior and exterior surfaces, including walls, roofs, and floors. In this blog post, we would be providing you with the updated Berger paint price list.

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Berger Paints has a rich 64-year history, tracing back to the 1950s when it began operations in Nigeria. Established as British Paints (West Africa), it imported paints from Newcastle and distributed them through outlets like PZ, Brossette, and VYB. In 1962, the first paint factory was commissioned, marking the start of local production. The company gained pioneer status, attracting investor interest. It introduced top-quality decorative paints under the international brand name ROBIALLAC. Over the years, Berger Paints Nigeria PLC has grown into a leader in the Coating and Allied Industry, continuing the legacy of its founder, Lewis Berger, and aiming to be the top manufacturing paint brand in Africa.

Price List Of Berger Paints

Luxol Premium Matt20L₦58,571.56 – ₦69,000.19
Superstar Standard Matt20L₦40,577.71 – ₦40,983.49
Luxol Premium Satin20L₦16,933.55 – ₦86,960.78
Luxol Premium Silk20L₦72,895.38 – ₦81,454.70
Luxol Premium Gloss4L₦21,663.54 – ₦30,369.77
Superstar Standard Gloss4L₦13,664.93 – ₦21,436.90


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Advantages Of Using Berger Paints

  1. Quality: Berger Paints offer vibrant colors and a smooth finish, enhancing the look of your space.
  2. Durability: These paints are known for their long-lasting quality, requiring less frequent repainting and maintenance.
  3. Variety: Berger Paints provide a wide range of colors and finishes to suit every style and preference, allowing for personalized creativity in decorating your space.

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