List Of 91 Political Parties In Nigeria [Updated]

In Nigeria, political parties play a big role in the country’s democratic system. There are several parties, but the major ones include the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). These parties have strong influence and compete in elections at various levels.

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The APC, formed in 2013, is seen as a center-right party. It came into power in 2015 with Muhammadu Buhari elected as president. The party promotes conservative policies and emphasizes security, anti-corruption, and economic development.

On the other hand, the PDP is one of the oldest parties in Nigeria, founded in 1998. It leans more towards the center-left and advocates for social welfare programs, economic reforms, and political inclusivity.

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Apart from these major parties, there are also smaller parties representing diverse interests across the country. However, political dynamics in Nigeria often involve challenges such as corruption, ethnic and religious divisions, and issues related to governance and accountability.

Here is a list of all Political parties in Nigeria.

  1. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
  2. Accord (A)
  3. Action Alliance (AA)
  4. Action Democratic Party (ADP)
  5. Action Peoples Party (APP)
  6. Advanced Allied Party (AAP)
  7. Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD)
  8. Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party (ANDP)
  9. Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA)
  10. African Action Congress (AAC)
  11. African Democratic Congress (ADC)
  12. African People Alliance (APA)
  13. All Blended Party (ABP)
  14. All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP)
  15. All Grassroots Alliance (AGA)
  16. All Progressives Congress (APC)
  17. All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)
  18. Alliance for Democracy (AD)
  19. Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)
  20. Alliance for a United Nigeria (AUN)
  21. Alliance National Party (ANP)
  22. Alliance Of Social Democrats (ASD)
  23. Allied Congress Party Of Nigeria (ACPN)
  24. Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)
  25. Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)
  26. Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)
  27. Alternative Party of Nigeria (APN)
  28. Better Nigeria Progressive Party (BNPP)
  29. Change Advocacy Party (CAP)
  30. Change Nigeria Party (CNP)
  31. Coalition For Change (C4C)
  32. Communist Party of Nigeria (CPN)
  33. Congress of Patriots (COP)
  34. Democratic Alternative (DA)
  35. Democratic People’s Party (DPP)
  36. Democratic People’s Congress (DPC)
  37. Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM)
  38. Freedom And Justice Party (FJP)
  39. Fresh Democratic Party (FDP)
  40. Grassroots Development Party Of Nigeria (GDPN)
  41. Green Party of Nigeria (GPN)
  42. Hope Democratic Party (HDP)
  43. Independent Democrats (ID)
  44. Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)
  45. KOWA Party (KP)
  46. Labour Party (LP)
  47. Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN)
  48. Liberation Movement (LM)
  49. Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA)
  50. Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)
  51. Mega Party Of Nigeria (MPN)
  52. Modern Democratic Party (MDP)
  53. Movement for the Restoration and Defence of Democracy (MRDD)
  54. Movement of the People (MOP)
  55. National Action Council (NAC)
  56. National Conscience Party (NCP)
  57. National Democratic Liberty Party (NDLP)
  58. National Interest Party (NIP)
  59. National Unity Party (NUP)
  60. New Generations Party of Nigeria (NGP)
  61. New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP)
  62. New Progressive Movement (NPM)
  63. Nigeria Community Movement Party (NCMP)
  64. Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP)
  65. Nigeria Elements Progressive Party (NEPP)
  66. Nigeria For Democracy (NFD)
  67. Nigeria People’s Congress (NPC)
  68. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
  69. People for Democratic Change (PDC)
  70. People’s Progressive Party (PPP)
  71. People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)
  72. People’s Party of Nigeria (PPN)
  73. People’s Trust (PT)
  74. Peoples Trust (PT)
  75. Peoples Trust (PT)
  76. Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA)
  77. Providence People’s Congress (PPC)
  78. Re-Build Nigeria Party (RBNP)
  79. Reform and Advancement Party (RAP)
  80. Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP)
  81. Save Nigeria Congress (SNC)
  82. Social Democratic Mega Party (SDMP)
  83. Social Democratic Party (SDP)
  84. Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)
  85. Sustainable National Party (SNP)
  86. United Democratic Party (UDP)
  87. United Nigeria People’s Party (UNPP)
  88. United Patriots (UP)
  89. United People’s Congress (UPC)
  90. United Progressive Party (UPP)
  91. Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)
  92. We The People Nigeria (WTPN)
  93. Yes Electorates Solidarity (YES)
  94. Young Democratic Party (YDP)
  95. Young Progressives Party (YPP)
  96. Youth Party (YP)
  97. Zenith Labour Party (ZLP)

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