EcoTech Fueless Generator Is Scam or Legit [Beware]

A lot of people might have come across the EcoTech Fueless Generator adverts online whether on facebook or instagram and are hoping to spend their hard earned money in purchasing the generator. Please do not do it as we have done our extensive research and discovered it is a scam purported by a group of scammers who are exploiting the recently subsidy removal situation to exploit unsuspecting Nigerians especially those who cannot afford to fuel their petrol generators.

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How It Works

Apparently the scam has been going on for some years now. The main goal of the victim is to convince the intending customers that their fuelless generator works, this they do by

  • Posting fake pictures of random different generators they found on internet
  • Posting Cut and join muted videos with their own voice over on it
  • Posting fake video reviews

Do not be swayed by those cheap reviews and unclear video reviews with fake voiceovers. All the scammers want is for you to be convinced of the fake product and then message them to get one. When you contact them to buy the product, they request for 50% upfront payment from you and then promise to deliver the package in 2 weeks. After the expiration of the 2 weeks, they either try to extract the remaining 50% balance from you before blocking  you finally from their socials.

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Normally, you cant get a 10kva petrol generator for #150,000, and then someone is offering you a 10kva fuelles generator for that amount. Thats obviously a scam

Below are some of their Instagram pages.

  • ecotech_fuelless_generator
  • ecotechfuellessgeneratorn
  • ecotech__generator
  • eco_tech_limited

They also operate under these names also RichEco fuelless generator, Lynx Technologies, Tistar Eco, etc


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