Ole Group Investment is Scam [Beware]

Olegroup.in is a newly introduced Ponzi scheme website that claims to offer opportunities for users to make money online through investments in advertising screens provided by Ole Group. In this review, we will explain to you why Ole group is a scam and you shouldnt part with your hard earned money on the platform.

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How It Works

To register on olegroup.in, users need to input their phone number, create a secure password, re-enter the password, enter an invitation code, and pass a verification challenge. The platform, launched on June 6th, allows users to earn money by purchasing or investing in advertisement banners. Users receive a daily commission based on the amount of recharge they have done, with the commission lasting for 60 days.

The earning structure proposed by the organization includes a new user registration bonus of 200 naira, a 32% commission from inviting friends, and different daily earnings based on the investment amount.

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The design of olegroup.in, built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, lacks a good user experience. The website’s navigation seems odd and resembles other websites offering similar services. The domain for olegroup.in is only two weeks old as of June 16th, 2023, having been launched on June 6th.

While there might be withdrawal proofs due to the platform being new, it is advised to exercise caution and start with small investments. Olegroup.in allows users to withdraw funds directly to their bank accounts once the minimum threshold of 1000 has been reached.

Currently as at June 21st, 2023, the Ole group platform has crashed and the investors who invested money can no longer withdraw their funds.

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