Nigeria FIRS Tax Calculator (Personal Income & Paye)

This is Firs Personal income tax calculator for all employees and employers in Nigeria to calculate their tax amount and not under pay or over pay.

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personal income tax calculation is made easy with this online website. You just need to enter your gross salary or monthly allowance.

A lot of people are looking for how to calculate monthly tax on their gross salary. This is why we have developed this web platforms= for all Nigerians to use. This is also useful for establishments or companies who want to find out how to calculate company income tax.
Personal income tax is the tax imposed on employees working in a registered company or individuals who run small businesses either as a business name, sole proprietorship or limited liability company. The State government of each states in Nigeria is in charge of collecting the personal income tax except for Abuja which is collected by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

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How to calculate paye from gross salary

Total Income / Gross Pay
Taxable Income
Total Pension Paid
NHF Paid
Payee Tax Due
Total Deductions
Net Salary

There are 2 types of Personal income tax in Nigeria, and they are.

  1. Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) – This is tax from employees who are employed by registered companies and establishments.. it is deducted from their salaries by the employers either monthly or annually.
  2. Direct Assessment Taxes – This is taxes gotten from self employed persons or those who run their businesses. This also includes artisans, professional workers, contractors, etc.

You can use the above calculator as your monthly paye calculator or as LIRS tax calculator.



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