Is ABRAPP Legit or Scam (

ABRAPP ( is a trading platform that gives 5% daily of ur principal amount.Abrapp allows users trade cryptocurrencies and make profit daily.
Also you can participate in Abrapp free trading signals every 8pm. Profits earned by participating in trading signals every day at 8pm can be up to 300% monthly.

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Make Money From Trading

To start trading on Abrapp, you need a minimum start-up capital 5,000 naira.

  • Recharge 5000NGN for 30 days to make a stable profit of 21,575NGN
  • Recharge 10000NGN for 30 days to make a stable profit of 43,188NGN profit
  • Recharge 20000NGN for 30 days to make a stable profit of 86,400NGN.

Make Money From Referral / Promotion Rewards.

To make a lot of money, you can invite your family and friends. When they register and recharge through your own invitation link, you get a reward of 10% of the first recharge amount.

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For example if a level 1 user recharge 20,000 Naira , you get a reward of 10% of the first recharge amount, which is  20,000*10% = 2,000 naira. Assuming 10 of your friends join, you get 20,000  naira as reward.

Is Legit or Scam is a scam website. Be careful before investing so you dont loose your money.


60 thoughts on “Is ABRAPP Legit or Scam (”

    • You were among those that trade against the signal. Guy ABR is legit not a scam site, I am a beneficiary.
      The problem Nigerians is have is to read and follow simple instructions, it unfortunate that u did not follow simple instructions. U were ask to trade for 120sec u traded 60sec that was why you loss your money.

      • My team lost lots of money because they were ignorant, they didn’t trade the right signals, September 3 people that traded rightly like myself and few in my group didn’t lose their money , because they trade 120 sconds
        But currently what we are facing from October 14th to oct 22 is yet to be determined whether they are legit or not . Because most of my people thatinvested on it are scared right now if they are running away or not . During this periods we have not withdrawn our money 2 signals are given daily but no withdrawal due to nigeria tax tax blabla , may God help us Nigerians we don’t want to lose our money anymore.

      • From the time this post above was made, ABR was paying her users, and at that time as a user I can’t call the site a scam site or project, but now I can say with confidence that ABR IS A SCAM PROJECT, DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY.
        Tonight been 28th Oct, 2023 ABR MANAGER WITH PHONE NUMBER (+44 7947 444362) BY NAME VINICIOUS RUD…. sent signal as usual and her user after trading there was loss. He they told her user that there was not enough margin in the trade, that is why they are seen “MARGIN CLOSEOUT”MARGIN CALL” that her user should deposit the corresponding trading amount else the wallet amount will be reduse to zero “0”.
        From him statement and couple with different lies about Government policies on Tax Settlement. IT WAS DEDUS THAT ABR IS A SCAM PROJECT, AND THAT PEOPLE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM THE SITE.
        Name: VINICIOS RODRIGUEZ with phone number +44 7947 444362 IS A SCAMMER.
        Other Phone number include +447947444298, +447947444652
        PLEASE NOTE, I did not send this message because I loss in tonight trade, I DID NOT TRADE, for those that will come and say otherwise.

  1. To my best of Knowledge I can’t call it a scam.
    Provided you trade with the signal they gave you on their official Telegram group chat you’re safe.

    People giving wrong review about September 4 trading, trade with a wrong signal.
    I traded that same day and I made profit, cause I follow the instructions on the signal.

    But note, don’t invest any money you can’t let go on any scheme and never borrow money to invest.

  2. So many lose their money on the same day i made profit, after carefully observing the response of those that lost money, i discovered that they didn’t follow the instruction and also refused to accept they did the wrong thing. But non the less Abr is also compensating those that lost.

  3. ABR is not a scam You traded wrongly that’s why you lost your money DM me on WhatsApp I’ll put you through +2349028160812 minimum recharge now is 30k

  4. ABR is not a scam,I have made mad profits and cash outs from ABR. Nevertheless, I’d advice you don’t invest an amount you can’t let go if anything should happen

    • Why are you saying that don’t invest the money you cannot let go, are you here to gain from your investment on lost your money if this platform do well they will be received award and people will believe that ABRAPP is legit sis not a scam. I come in peace God bless you

  5. ABR is not a Scam
    I made money from it too
    Register with me and I will drop guidelines on how to trade everyday so you don’t lose ur money


  7. Abr is not a scam, I have made more than what I invested. I was a victim of September 3rd but I have been refunded, despite that I traded against their rules. You can chat me up on WhatsApp 08069457913

  8. ABRAPP is legit I All most make a mistake on October 4 it was God that safe me i have to go back to telegram and check well before I continue I trade that same day and nothing, happen

  9. ABR is 💯 percent legit. I’ve cashed out over and over and I invested 600k guys. No be lie o.
    Chat me up on +2348167045225 let me show you how you can also be smiling 🤪

  10. ABR IS NOT SCAM!!! I am currently using the company and just last month I withdrew 315k from it and I’m going to withdraw 200k again this week. Reach me on 09025962167 so I can tell you all you need to know. Let’s make this money!

  11. They’re bloody scammers, stop confusing others please
    Even their withdrawal function is not working again and you can’t reach the app manager on his telegram handle.
    Am having upto 600k but I can’t withdraw as it’s now

    • You might be right,cos alots are going wrong already,we can’t withdraw only to recharge, stories all over. We keep hope alive and endure whatever the outcome is.

  12. ABR WAS legit but currently I don’t know what they are saying 😩
    We aren’t able to place withdrawal for the past few weeks…

    Let’s keep fingers across while waiting for the SAID 30th of October to reach.

    Pls don’t invite anyone or invest at least for NOW till further notice.

  13. I made a recharge of 120,000 and I have been trading without been able to make a withdrawal.
    The main purpose for becoming a participant was to meet up my weekly target financially but I haven’t been able to do that. I have chatted the Project manager several times for a capital refund without a response nor an acknowledgment to my messages .
    Please kindly rectify

  14. Please what is happening this days,ABR is not paying hoo I just joined the group last month and I have not received any money. Is there hope or it has gone


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