Is Wealthgens Legit or Scam (

Wealthgens is a newly launched Long-term investment platform that came into existence on the 14th of August, 2023.

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Wealthgens is the new investment platform a lot of Nigerians are trooping to at the moment due to its juicy investment packages and returns. When you invest in the platform, you earn daily returns of 25% of your investment. So basically if you invest 10,000 naira, you get 2,500 naira daily. Thats indeed profitable. claims its in the business of Sales and rental of Big industial generators like Mikano, Tiger etc. When you invest in the platform, the company claims its able to procure generators and then rent it out to companies and industries, and thats how they are able to pay users the daily returns.

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When you join investment platform, these are the

  • Welcome Bonus – N350
  • Minimum Deposit – N3000
  • Minimum Withdrawal N1000

How To Join and Make Money

  1. Create an account on
  2. Deposit: Login to your dashboard with your credentials and click on  the “Recharge” menu at the top to deposit funds to your wallet. Follow the instructions on the deposit page to complete your payment
  3. invest: After you have deposited funds to your wallet, you can now start investing to get daily returns. Login to your dashboard and click on the “Products” menu at the bottom, thenselect the investment package you want to invest in and then click the “Buy” button.
  4. Earn: After investing, you just need to track your earnings daily. Your returns would be deposited to your wallet daily. Investment Packages

PlanPackageDaily EarningsDurationTotal Earnings
Plan 1N3000N75015 daysN11,250
Plan 2N5000N1,25015 daysN18,750
Plan 3N7000N1,75015 daysN26,250
Plan 4N10000N2,50015 daysN37,500
Plan 5N20000N5,00015 daysN75,000
Plan 6N50000N12,50015 daysN187,500
Plan 7N100000N25,00015 daysN375,000
Plan 8N200000N50,00015 daysN750,000
Plan 9N300000N75,00015 daysN1,125,000
Plan 10N500000N125,00015 daysN1,875,000
Plan 11N800000N200,00015 daysN3,000,000
Plan 12N1000000N250,00015 daysN3,750,000
Plan 13N2000000N500,00015 daysN7,500,000


How To Withdraw

Its very easy to withdraw your earnings on Wealthgens. After you must have invested, everyday, you earn returns. When the returns gets to the minimum withdrawal limit of 2,000 naira, you can make your withdrawals. All you need to do is Click on the “Withdraw” button on the dashboard and then enter the amount you want to withdraw, then bind your account number. Your withdrawal would be processed within 12 hours.

Wealthgens Payment Proof

Is Legit? is a Ponzi scheme. The platform is paying now, but would crash one day. The good news is the platform launched today (14/08/2023), so if you join early now, you can make a lot of money before it crashes.

Update (16/08/2023) : Wealthgens has crashed. The website now redirects to

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