Is Legit or Scam? claims to be an investment platform in Nigeria that allow users invest in a wide variety of investment products and earn daily returns of between 25% to 40%. This platform which launched on 26th of september 2023 claims with as low as 3,000 naira, you can invest and earn 750 naira daily.

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Daily RateCyclePriceTotal Income
₦750.006 Days₦3,000.004500 NGN
₦1,250.006 Days₦5,000.007500 NGN
₦2,500.006 Days₦10,000.00Capital + 15000 NGN
₦5,000.006 Days₦20,000.00Capital + 30000 NGN
₦7,500.006 Days₦30,000.00Capital + 45000 NGN
₦12,500.006 Days₦50,000.00Capital + 75000 NGN
₦25,000.006 Days₦100,000.00Capital + 150000 NGN
₦50,000.006 Days₦200,000.00Capital + 300000 NGN
₦125,000.006 Days₦500,000.00Capital + 750000 NGN


Is Legit? is a scam and a ponzi scheme. The platform is just like one of the Nigerian ponzi schemes that launche, promise users high returns on investment daily and then after about 5 days, they would crash. Some of the ponzi schems dont even pay users before they crash. So be very careful so you dont loose your money

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