Is Legit or Scam?

All Capital claims to be an investment & wealth management platform that leverages advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, to assist individuals in effectively managing their financial resources and achieving their wealth-related goals.

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The platform offers a range of wealth management services and tools designed to optimize financial decision-making. It provides users with the ability to track their savings, build better spending habits, and work towards their savings goals. All Capital aims to empower users to make informed financial choices by providing insights and recommendations based on their financial data and objectives.

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How To Make Money On

Making money on All Capital involves a structured system that includes dynamic revenue ratios, team income, dividend income, and level income. Here’s a simplified explanation of how to make money on All Capital:

Make Money Via Investment

When you invest or pledge money to, you earn daily returns of betwen 1% to 4% depending on the duration of your investment. The longer the investment duration, the higher the interest rate. Check out interest rate for the available investment durations below.

DurationInterest Rate
1 Day≈ 1.0%
3 Days≈ 1.1%
7 Days≈ 1.4%
30 Days≈ 1.6%
60 Days≈ 1.8%
90 Days≈ 2.0%
180 Days≈ 2.4%


 Make Money Via Team / Referrals

You can earn money on All Capital by building a network of subordinates, benefiting from their pledge income, and advancing through different V-levels to increase your earnings. Additionally, you can gain dividend income and level income based on your community’s performance

  1. Dynamic Revenue Ratio:
    • When you invite users directly (level 1 subordinates), you can earn 15% of their pledge income.
    • If your level 1 subordinates invite members (level 2 subordinates), you earn 7% of their pledge income.
    • For members brought in by level 2 subordinates (level 3 subordinates), you earn 3% of their pledge income.
  2. Team Income:
    • V1: When team members pledge up to $50,000 (excluding their own investment), you receive 10% of the team’s pledge income.
    • V2: Recommend 2 level 1 subordinates to reach V1 and receive 15% of the team community’s staking income.
    • V3: Recommend 2 level 1 subordinates to reach V2 and get 20% of the team community’s staking income.
    • V4: Recommend 3 level 1 subordinates to reach V3 and get 25% of the team community’s staking income.
    • V5: Recommend 3 level 1 subordinates to reach V4 and get 30% of the team community’s staking income.
  3. Dividend Income:
    • If you’re in the V5 user community and directly promote 1 V5 member, you gain additional dividend rights and share 10% of the global staking income.
  4. Level Income:
    • V1-V5 community income is based on a differential system. If you and your subordinate are of the same level, you’ll receive 20% of the income of that subordinate.


Is Legit?

Yes it is a legit platofmr as we have not found evidence of it been a scam. Also unlike other ponzi schemes, they do not pay high interest rate. They pay users between 1 to 4% interest rate daily.


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