Is Ag Bitcoin Miner Legit or Scam?

This blog post is a review of a newly launched investment platform in Kenya called AG Bitcoin Miner. The platform claims to be a cryptocurrency mining company that provides resources and equipment for customers to mine all kinds of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc

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The company claims it has purchased a lot of high-performance mining rigs and its leasing it out to potential investors who are looking forward to making daily income through mining.

In this review, we will be discussing everything you need to know about the AG Bitcoin mining platform, we would also talk about its pro and cons and also provide you reasons why we believe its legit or a scam.

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AG Bitcoin Miners is a company that claims to lease equipments for Bitcoin mining,  In simple terms, Bitcoin mining is a process where powerful computers solve complex mathematical problems to validate and add transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain. Miners are rewarded with newly created bitcoins for their efforts.

Is Ag Bitcoin Miner Legit?

Based on our review, AG Bitcoin Miners is not a legit company. It basically decieves people into investing money with the promise of high returns. They claim to be on a mission to alleviate poverty in Kenya and offer investment plans with unrealistically high profits. For example, if someone invests Ksh1,000, they are promised Ksh1,880 in 47 days.

The scam has been on for a long time, but it was previously launched as BTCM which became popular and ended up defrauding a lot of people before it crashed. Now it has been relauched under the new name Ag bitcoin miner. Also another major reason why you should avoid this website is because the Central Bank of Kenya has already warned that virtual currencies like Bitcoin are not legal tender, meaning they are not officially recognized or regulated in the country.

One major red flag about AG Bitcoin Miners is that its website cannot be found on Google, and its agents use WhatsApp with international phone numbers to communicate. They present a false image of legitimacy by claiming to be listed on a stock exchange and providing fake registration documents.

The company also falsely claims that it made over Ksh8 billion in 2021, but these are lies and fake financial statements. Moreover, the photos on their website, supposedly showing their employees and mining operations, are actually stolen from a legitimate London-based crypto miner, Argo Blockchain.

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