Is Marathon Digital Holdings Legit or Scam (

In this blog post, we will be discussing about a newly launched investment platform that claims to allow users make money from investments. Marathon Digital Holding ( also known as mara claims to be an international online business platform. The company claims to be a digital asset technology company engaged in cryptocurrency mining while also focusing on the blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets.

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When you invest in, the company claims it uses your fund to purchase mining equipment which it uses to mine cryptocurrencies which it sells and then pay you your daily earnings.

In this review, we will be confirming if is legit or a Ponzi / scam platform.

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Benefits Offered By

  1. Minimum investment 1200ksh
  2. Minimum recharge is 500ksh
  3. Minimum withdrawal is 200ksh
  4. you can rent as low as a 1200 machine and get 200 back as bonus and earn 84 daily Income

How To Join Mara

  1. Create a new account with this registration link
  2. Fund your wallet by clicking on the Recharge button
  3. Invest in an investment plan
  4. Earn daily returns and withdraw when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

How To Recharge

Before you can invest in mara, you need to recharge or fund your account. Follow the below steps to fund your account.

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on the recharge button.
  2. Enter the amount you want to recharge and then input your phone number
  3. An mpesa phone number details would be generated for you to make payment to.
  4. Initiate the mpesa transfer from your phone by Dialling *334#,  Select Send Money and then select Mpesa
  5. Enter the Phone Number (the safaircom number displayed on the website)
  6. Enter Amount
  7. Enter PIN
  8. Click on the Send button

Below are the recharge rules on the mara platform.

  • The minimum recharge amount for a single transaction is 500.
  • The maximum recharge amount for a single transaction is150000.
  • After the payment is completed, please fill in the transaction id on the payment page, otherwise, your account will be affected.
  • If you have payment problems, please contact customer service.

Withdrawal Rules

  1. The minimum withdrawal amount for a single transaction is 200.
  2. The maximum single withdrawal amount is 100,000.
  3. Withdrawal commission is 8%
  4. Withdrawals can only be made in integers with tens as the unit.

Mara Investment Plans

PlanInvestmentReturn RateDays IncomeTotal Income
Limit 1 M-I plusKSh 1,000192%KSh 60KSh 1,920
New M-II plusKSh 3,800210%KSh 200KSh 8,000
New M-III plusKSh 8,000226%KSh 432KSh 18,144
New M-IV plusKSh 19,000235%KSh 1,064KSh 44,688
New M-V plusKSh 42,000243%KSh 2,436KSh 102,312
New M-VI plusKSh 120,000252%KSh 7,200KSh 302,400
Sold out A-ICP2000+KSh 3,000400%KSh 12,000KSh 0
Sold out A-IICP5000+KSh 7,800415%KSh 32,400KSh 0
Sold out A-IIICP12000+KSh 20,000432%KSh 86,400KSh 0
Sold out A-IVCP50000+KSh 59,000448%KSh 264,320KSh 0
New R-IKSh 800120%KSh 960KSh 4,800
New R-IIKSh 2,500144%KSh 3,620KSh 36,200
New R-IIIKSh 8,000194%KSh 15,520KSh 310,400
New R-IVKSh 28,000300%KSh 84,000KSh 1,680,000

How To Make Money By Inviting Others To Join Mara

Login to your dashboard and click to copy your unique referral link to start your promotion work, and you can get rich rewards when you complete the promotion.

You can use your own social circle to expand your own business team, and become a team manager to get a fixed salary of 200,000 -500,000! For details, please consult your department manager.

Is Mara Legit or Scam?

Based on our review and findings, mara or operates a ponzi scheme where it pays old users with funds from new users. The platform which started operation since November 14th, 2023 can crash at any time.

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