Is Legit or Scam? is a revolutionary platform that offers a one-click solution for quantitative trading. It allows users to engage in automatic and intelligent trading, all while benefiting from real-time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms. This platform is designed to adapt to real-time market conditions, helping users execute the best quantitative strategies to maximize their profits. incorporates advanced technical strategies, including built-in tracking for opening positions, tracking stop profit, tail order stop profit, and grid take profit. It operates 24/7, providing continuous income with real-time monitoring.

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How To Make Money On

The major way to make money on is through investments. THe company offers a wide range of investment plans you can choose from. When you invest in any of their investment plans, you earn between 15% to 30% daily for a month.

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Another way you can make money through is by participating in its referral program where you refer people to invest in the platform and earn 30%. Investment Plans

Robot NameDurationPriceDaily IncomeTotal Income
USDT AI Trade Robot30 Days₦2500₦375₦11250
USDT AI Trade Robot No230 Days₦3000₦600₦18000
USDC AI Trade Robot30 Days₦5000₦1000₦30000
ETH AI Trade Robot30 Days₦10000₦2300₦69000
BNB AI Trade Robot30 Days₦20000₦5000₦150000
BTC-XRP AI Trade Robot28 Days₦40000₦11200₦336000
BTC-USDC AI Trade Robot30 Days₦80000₦24000₦720000
BTC-TRX AI Trade Robot30 Days₦100000₦33000₦990000
BTC-SOL AI Trade Robot30 Days₦300000₦105000₦3150000
BTC-DOGE AI Trade Robot30 Days₦500000₦190000₦5700000


Make Money Via Referral Bonus

You can make a lot of money by referring other people to this platform to invest. You will be able to earn 30% of level 1 referral ‘s deposit amount as commission, 2% of level 2’s and 1% of level 3’s.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that launched today 2/10/2023. If you join the platform early, you would make a lot of money before it crashes.

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