Is Legit or Scam? claims to be an investment banking app that allow users invest in various investment instruments and earn income daily. This platform provides various investment options and allow users invest in anyone of their choice. Each of the investment plans cost different amount and offer different returns on investment daily. When you invest in, you earn between 15 to 30% daily returns on investment.

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Milenex claims to be a low risk life changing investment company with big opportunities for everyone.

Benefits Of Joining

  • Welcome bonus is 200 naira
  • Minimum Withdrawal amount is 700 naira
  • Minimum deposit 2000 naira
  • First referral bonus is 20%
  • Second referral bonus is 8%
  • Third referral bonus is 2%

How To Join

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The least expensive investment plan on is the wells fargo plan and with just 2,000 naira, you get to earn 15% daily returns for 25 days. The most expensive investment plan is the Royal bank of canada that costs 150,000 naira and allow you earn 22,500 naira daily for 25 days.

Bank NameMinimum Deposit (₦)Cycle (days)Daily Income (₦)Total Revenue (₦)
Wells Fargo2,000253007,500
Bank of China6,0002590022,500
Goldman Sac10,000251,50037,500
Deutsche Bank20,000253,00075,000
Citi Bank30,000254,500112,500
Crédit Agricole80,0002512,000300,000
Royal Bank of Canada150,0002522,500562,500


Make Money On Milenex Via Referrals

If you partake in milenex referral program, you automatically become an agent and you earn when you refer people who invest to the platform. If you are an agent, then level A,B,C agents belong to your team members. The team provides  3 levels of agency commissions.


Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi scheme that can crash at anytime. Coupled with the fact that the owners details are anonymous, this is a major red flag indicating its a scam and you need to be careful before investing so you dont loose your money.


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