Is Real or Scam?


In this review, we would be discussing about which is a newly launched investment platform. we would discuss whether the platform is legitimate or a scam.

Join Our Investment Group claims to be a Nigerian trading company that deals in the trading of cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges. The platform claims it does arbitrage of crypto coins by buying cryptocurrencies cheaper at an exchange and selling higher in another exchange.

Almeria claims it has been able to develop robots that can perform these arbitraging seamlessly and its opening access to the robots for people to rent. You can rent out robots to help you trade and make profits on the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

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Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:6th February, 2024
Domain Registration Date:4th February, 2024
Domain Expiry Date:4th February, 2025
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission33%
Referral Commission25%, 2%
No. of Visits706
Last Visit:71 days ago Features & Benefits Investment Plans

Bot NameHourly IncomeDaily IncomePlan CycleTotal ProfitActivate Now
Binance Bot₦8.00₦200.0020 Days3840 NGN₦500.00
Coin Base₦12.00₦300.0020 Days5760 NGN₦1,000.00
Kraken bot₦23.00₦575.0020 Days11040 NGN₦2,000.00
Kucin bot₦47.00₦1,175.0020 Days22560 NGN₦4,000.00
Uniswap bot₦81.00₦2,025.0019.166666666667 Days37260 NGN₦7,000.00
Bybit bot₦116.00₦2,900.0020 Days55680 NGN₦10,000.00
Pancake₦175.00₦4,375.0020 Days84000 NGN₦15,000.00
Curve bot₦233.00₦5,825.0020 Days111840 NGN₦20,000.00
Dydx bot₦350.00₦8,750.0020 Days168000 NGN₦30,000.00
Dodoswap bot₦583.00₦14,575.0020 Days279840 NGN₦50,000.00
Apolox bot₦1,166.00₦29,150.0020 Days559680 NGN₦100,000.00
Promoter Package₦2,600.00₦65,000.001.25 Days78000 NGN₦10,000.00


Details About

Almera Gpt the real time trading machine

IP Address

Nameservers Contact Details

Owner’s nameBenjamin Gremlin
Owner’s Phone Number+258.085258085
Owner’s Email[email protected]
Owner’s Organization
Owner’s CountryUA
Owner’s CityGistral Red Flags

  1. The company fails to provide clear and accessible information about its investment products.
  2. The company’s leadership team and founders are unknown
  3. The company has no office space or business operation
  4. The company operates a ponzi scheme and promotes a get rich quick mentality rather than long-term investing.

Is Legit or Scam? claims to be a gpt trading app and lures people with high daily investment offerings to invest in its robot packages. In reality, the platform operates a Ponzi scheme. It offers no real product or services, the platform relies only on investments from new investors. These kinds of platforms are not sustainable and can crash at anytime.

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