Is Manta Airdrop Legit or Scam

Manta Network is a modular blockchain designed for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. It aims to provide a scalable and efficient platform for decentralized applications (dApps) while prioritizing user experience and affordability. At its core, Manta Pacific serves as the ecosystem for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-native ZK applications and dApps. By leveraging Universal Circuits for ZK-as-a-Service and Celestia’s data availability, Manta Pacific offers low gas fees and high throughput, making it an attractive option for developers and users alike.

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The Into the Blue Campaign marks the official $MANTA airdrop event, a strategic move to propel Manta Network into its next phase of development. The campaign aims to reward long-term supporters and users of the Manta ecosystem with a significant airdrop of $MANTA tokens, totaling 50 million tokens, which equates to 5% of the total supply. This initiative underscores Manta’s commitment to its community and its mission to build for users.

How to Claim Manta Airdrop

Participating in the Manta Airdrop is simple, but it’s crucial to ensure you’re using the official channels to avoid falling victim to scams. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

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  1. Check Eligibility: Visit to verify if your wallet address is eligible for the initial rewards. Remember to use caution and only interact with the official website to avoid potential scams.
  2. Claim Your Rewards: Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, you’ll need to wait for the airdrop claim period to begin. During this time, you can explore additional opportunities to earn rewards through activities like the Great Treasure Hunt.
  3. Participate in Bonus Rewards: The Great Treasure Hunt offers bonus rewards for participants within the Manta ecosystem. By discovering Mysterious Treasure Chests scattered throughout Manta Pacific, you can unlock valuable NFTs and potentially earn a piece of the 20 million $MANTA allocated for this campaign.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official announcements and updates from Manta Network to stay informed about any changes or developments related to the airdrop.

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