Is Legit or Scam?

About is a newly launched empoerment program and a money making platform that claims it allow users make money through investments. When you invest in, you earn daily returns which is a percent of your investment amount.

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Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:26th Of November, 2023
Domain Registration Date:23rd August, 2014
Domain Expiry Date:1st January, 1970
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission%
Referral Commission30%, 3%, 2%
No. of Visits894
Last Visit:7 hours ago Features & Benefits

  • Launched on 26th November, 2023
  • Fast and reliable payouts!
  • Minimum investment: 1500 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal: 1000 naira
  • Welcome bonus: 300 naira


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Amway Plan 1₦1,500365 Days₦450₦164,250
Amway Plan 2₦3,000365 Days₦930₦339,450
Amway Plan 3₦5,000365 Days₦1,600₦584,000
Amway Plan 4₦10,000365 Days₦3,300₦1,204,500
Amway Plan 5₦20,000365 Days₦7,000₦2,555,000
Amway Plan 6₦30,000365 Days₦11,100₦4,051,500
Amway Plan 7₦50,000365 Days₦19,500₦7,117,500
Amway Plan 8₦100,000365 Days₦42,000₦15,330,000
Amway Plan 9₦200,000365 Days₦90,000₦32,850,000
Amway Plan 10₦300,000365 Days₦147,000₦53,655,000
Amway Plan 11₦500,000365 Days₦265,000₦96,725,000
Amway Plan 12₦8,500,000365 Days₦4,930,000₦1,799,450,000

Make Money Via Referral Bonus

Promotion commission ratio

  • Direct referral (level 1):30%
  • Indirect referral (level 2):3%
  • Indirect recommendation (level 3):2%

If you invite A to invest successfully, you will get a reward of 30%of A’s total investment. If A invites B, you will get 3% of B’s total investment. If B invites C, you will get 2% of C’s total investment

Details About

IP Address

Nameservers Red Flags

  1. The company’s marketing materials make unrealistic promises about financial success.
  2. The company’s promotional events lack transparency about its business practices.
  3. The company’s promotional materials lack clear information about its refund policy.
  4. The company lacks HTTPS in its URL, a feature of secure websites.

Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched ponzi scheme that just launched in Nigeria. The platform basically operates a pyramid scheme where it pays old users with new users funds.

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