Is Legit or Scam?

About  is a newly launched ponzi earning platform that claims to allow users to earn daily income. The platform which launched on the 26th of November, 2023 allows users to register and earn 15%-30% daily income.

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Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:26th November, 2023
Domain Registration Date:23rd November, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:23rd November, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission15 – 30%
Referral Commission32%
No. of Visits547
Last Visit:25 hours ago Features & Benefits

  1. Launched on 26th of November, 2023
  2. Invest and Earn 15%-30% daily income.
  3. Signup bonus is 1,000 naira
  4. Get 32%+2%+1%  referral commission
  5. Minimum investment is 1000 naira
  6. Minimum withdrawal is 1000 naira

How To Join

  1. Create a new account with this registration link
  2. Click on the Recharge button to add funds to your wallet
  3. After adding funds to your wallet, use it to invest in any of the available investment plans
  4. Earn daily returns Investment Plans

ModelDurationPriceDaily IncomeTotal Return
WhatsMiner M30S100 Days₦1,000₦200 (20%)₦20,000 (2000%)
WhatsMiner M30S+100 Days₦3,000₦900 (30%)₦90,000 (3000%)
WhatsMiner M50100 Days₦5,000₦1,600 (32%)₦160,000 (3200%)
WhatsMiner M50S100 Days₦10,000₦3,400 (34%)₦340,000 (3400%)
WhatsMiner M50S+100 Days₦20,000₦7,200 (36%)₦720,000 (3600%)
WhatsMiner M53S++100 Days₦40,000₦15,200 (38%)₦1,520,000 (3800%)
WhatsMiner M56S++100 Days₦80,000₦32,000 (40%)₦3,200,000 (4000%)
WhatsMiner M60S100 Days₦100,000₦42,000 (42%)₦4,200,000 (4200%)
WhatsMiner M63S100 Days₦300,000₦132,000 (44%)₦13,200,000 (4400%)
WhatsMiner M66100 Days₦500,000₦230,000 (46%)₦23,000,000 (4600%)
WhatsMiner M66S100 Days₦1,000,000₦500,000 (50%)₦50,000,000 (5000%)

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Nameservers Red Flags

  1. The company discourages investors from conducting independent research.
  2. The company bombards users with excessive pop-ups, a characteristic of dubious sites.
  3. Withdrawal requests are frequently delayed or denied.
  4. The company exhibits poor website design, suggesting a lack of professional investment company.

Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched Ponzi scheme thats paying and withdrawals have been confirmed. If you want to join, ensure you join very early so you can make enough money before it crashes

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